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Tarball/Zip File Downloads

All tarballs are placed in a separate directory for download purposes. The table below gives a simple description of each tarball. For more details, clicking on the date will allow you to read the full release announcement.
Number What's in it Date
  • TODO
  • internal release
  • TODO
  • internal release
  • Jared Davies: Interface review.
  • Hubert Figuiere:
    • autoconf patch.
    • Bug fixes (1408, 1823, 1842)
  • Francis Franklin: Fix building of wv and libiconv.
  • Marco Innocenti: Italian localisation update.
  • William Lachance: More work on WordPerfect importer.
  • Dom Lachowicz: Changes resulting from interface review.
  • Paul Rohr: Fix building of wv and libiconv.
  • Martin Sevior: Yet more section break fixes.
  • Alec Wolman: autoconf patch.
  • John L. Clark: XHTML import/export improvements.
  • Jesus Corrius: Catalan strings update.
  • Hubert Figuiere:
    • Lots of work on MacOS X and 8/9 ports.
    • Updated screenshots.
    • Bug fixes for Solaris build.
    • Bug fixes (1816, compiler warnings)
    • Fixed incompatibilities with the new version of iconv in CVS.
  • Francis Franklin: Fix build order of peer libraries.
  • Stephane Fritsch:
    • BeOS bug fixes.
    • BeOS Language and Encoding dialogs.
  • Tomas Frydrych: unixfonts.txt
  • Alan Horkan: About GNU Free Software and About GNOME Office menu items.
  • Karl Hufthammer: Norwegian strings update.
  • Marco Innocenti: Italian strings update.
  • Mantas Kriauciunas Lithuanian strings update.
  • William Lachance: WordPerfect importer. This is not finished yet, and thus not available to users. It is getting there, however.
  • Dom Lachowicz:
    • Lots of code cleanup.
    • XHTML export bug fixes.
    • Removed advertising in the comments of exported HTML and ABW files.
    • MacOSX build fix.
    • Fixes to .doc importer.
    • wv resync.
    • Big fixes (1803).
  • Tim LaDuca:
    • TrueType fonts FAQ revision.
    • Bug fix for Cygwin build.
  • Vincent McIntyre: Bug fix to autoconf build on Solaris.
  • Michael Pritchett:
    • Win32 code cleanup.
    • Styles for Win32. This brings one of AbiWord's most important features to its other main platform.
  • Paul Rohr:
    • Menu prettification.
    • Fixing code to remove compiler warnings.
  • Martin Sevior:
    • Ability to delete Headers and Footers.
    • Fixed lots of issues with section breaks, particularly with cutting & pasting, deleting, undoing, and so on. Please test this code and report any remaining bugs.
    • Ability to import column breaks in RTF.
    • Bug fixes. (1785, bug with printing images.)
  • Andraz Tori: Slovenian strings.
0.7.14 TODO
0.7.13 TODO
User Interface
  • Dynamic Zoom (Michael Pritchett)
  • Tabs Dialog (Bruce, Martin, Dom, Thomas)
  • Lists (Martin)
  • RTF Import Improvements (Vlad, Belcon)
  • Non-Latin1 Language Support (Vlad, lots of others)
  • XHTML Import (Sam)
  • DocBook Import/Export (Dom, Sam)
  • WML Import/Export (Dom)
  • A large number of translations this release, including new translations for Russian, Czech, Chinese and other non-Latin1 languages. Also, many were updated, including Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, Italian and many others.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug fixes were too numerous to mention this release, from several dozen diferent people. See the release notes for details.
  • Automatic exception handling implemented on other platforms
  • More BeOS progress from Christopher
  • Lots of MacOS progress from Hubert Figuiere
  • And Much, Much More.
User Interface
  • Columns dialog (Bruce Pearson)
  • More Zoom functionality (Bruce Pearson)
  • Insert Picture preview (Michael Pritchett)
  • Solid GoTo dialog. (Thomas Briggs)
  • More functional help menu (David Schmitter)
  • GNOME-afied print dialog (Dom Lachowicz)
  • Show/Hide status bar (Joaquín Cuenca)
  • Danish (Birger Langkjer), Finnish (Jarmo Karvonen), German (Harald Fernengel), Italian (Marco Innocentri), Norwegian Nynorsk translations (Karl Hufthammer), Norwegian BOK translations (Karl Kalleberg), Polish (Eutanazy Sercxemulo), Portuguese (Rob Silva), Spanish (Joaquín Cuenca) and Swedish (Henrik Berg). Also, Owen Thomas added a Welch translation.
Bug Fixes
  • Alternate font handling and support for smart quotes (Bill Carpenter)
  • Headers are now centered in HTML export (Joseph Kelsey)
  • Improved Find/Replace algorithm (Allan Clark and Anders Melchiorsen)
  • Printing accented characters on UNIX (Aaron Lehman)
  • Soft hyphens are now supported (Martin Vermeer)
  • Various Other Bugs: #910, #948, #939, and #923 (Bruce Pearson), #919 (Thomas Briggs), #944 (Karl Hufthammer), #941 (Peter Haight)
  • Automatic exception handling (Sam TH) - If AbiWord crashes, a backup copy of the document you were working on will automatically be saved
  • Major BeOS progress thanks to some help from Ithamar Adema and huge contributions from Christopher Plymire.
  • BMP import (Michael Pritchett)
  • PalmDoc export (David Nay)
User Interface
  • Modeless dialogs (Martin Sevior)
  • Start of GoTo dialog. (Joaquín Cuenca Abela)
  • Improvements to Word Count dialog on Linux (Sam Tobin-Hochstadt)
  • Start of Show Paragraphs (Alexey Sinutin)
  • A Galician translation was added by Jesus Bravo Alvarez (jba@pobox.com) Also updated translations are Danish (Birger Langkjer and Martin Hansen), German (Harald Fernengel), Spanish (Joaquín Cuenca Abela), and Swedish (Linus G Larsson)
Bug Fixes
  • Major editing bugs cleaned up (Bruce Pearson)
  • Better RTF import for accented chars and hyphens (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Ruler anomalies (Aaron Lehman)
  • Various Other Bugs: #250 (Sam Tobin-Hochstatd), #274 (Mike Nordell), #435 (HJ), #443 (Matt Kraai), #596 (Martin Sevior), #604 (Kenny MacDonald), and #843 (Hubert Figuiere).
  • Updated build process to handle new CYGWIN tools (Michael D. Pritchett)
  • Another step toward Word export (James Montgomerie)
User Interface
  • Insert Symbol dialog (msevior@mccubbin.ph.unimelb.edu.au)
  • Word Count dialog (Sam Tobin-Hochstadt)
  • Overwrite Mode added (Alexey Sinutin)
  • Set Page Margins from ruler (Bruce Pearson)
  • Insert Field dialog (Henrik Berg)-- not fully enabled due to pending changes in the underlying fields implementation.
  • Updates for Swedish (Henrik Berg), Italian (Marco Innocenti), Finnish (Jarmo Karvonen), Indonesian (Tim Allen), Danish (Birger Langkjer), Portuguse (Rui Silva and Giovanni dos Reis Nunes), Hungarian (Tamas Decsi) and Polish (Eutanazy Sercxemulo).
Bug Fixes
  • The infamous libpng bug (Justin Bradford and Sam Tobin-Hochstadt)
  • Underline/superscript fix (Martin Sevior)
  • View Ruler consistency (Kevin Vajk)
  • RTF CR/LF handing (Harald Fernengel)
  • Various Other Bugs: #522 (sterwill@sourcegear.com), #10 and #811 (Sam Tobin-Hochstadt), #302 (Aaron Lehmann), #352 (Henrik Berg), #432 and #776 (Martin Sevior), #637 (Andy Richardson), #651 (Matt Kraai), #770 (Matthew Allen), #782 (Danny Faught), #788 and #789 (Joaquin Cuenca Abela)
  • Updated XML parser to version 1.1 (Sam Tobin-Hochstadt)
  • Mac port beginning (Bryan Prusha)
  • Lots of Gnome dialogs (John Tunison) -- no Gnome binaries for 0.7.9 but will be available in the next release
  • AbiWord for QNX (thomasf@qnx.com)
  • Command line conversions (Joaquin Cuenca Abela) -- for a complete list, type AbiWord -help from a command prompt
  • More ports: SGI IRIX 6.x (drk@sgi.com), GTK version on Win32 via gcc and cygwin (Tom Newton), NetBSD (Johnny C. Lam)
User Interface
  • True WYSIWYG support (BruceP@wn.com.au)
  • No more character dirt (BruceP@wn.com.au)
  • Overline (msevior@mccubbin.ph.unimelb.edu.au)
  • Fixed minor display glitches #375, 583, 588, 714
  • Insert Date and Time dialog (megabyte@salesexplosion.com)
  • Page-level navigation
  • Better support for non-English content (henrik@lansen.se)
  • Swedish (henrik@lansen.se)
  • Indonesian (tim@proximity.com.au, made@nakula.rvs.uni-bielefeld.de)
  • Updates for Danish, Finnish, French, Italian (dot0037@iperbole.bologna.it), Norwegian (kmaraas@online.no), and Spanish
File Formats
  • LaTeX exporter (cuenca@ie2.u-psud.fr)
  • Various Word import improvements #630-632, 634, 684
  • Fix for RTF import POW (malcolm@mpeacock.demon.co.uk)
  • Minor .abw file format change
  • Error propagation to fix #343, 563, 626, 665, 682, and 683 (sytobinh@uchicago.edu)
  • Mouse wheel support for Windows (BruceP@wn.com.au)
  • Unix no longer requires libstdc++
  • Misc PostScript fixes (bob@sbst.com)
  • RPM fixes for GNOME desktop integration (birger.langkjer@image.dk)
  • First LinuxPPC binaries
  • Drastic BeOS improvements (tfletche@ieee.org, dan@cgsoftware.com)
  • Source-only release for GNOME integration (cuenca@ie2.u-psud.fr)
  • Spelling speedup
  • Fixed #587, so profiles work again
  • Subscript and superscript (ljordan@mweb.co.za)
  • View ruler (shack@uiuc.edu)
  • Compressed AbiWord files (babs@cs.jhu.edu)
  • Further progress on Word importer, including more speedups
  • Catalan localization (jmas@softcatala.org)
  • Czech localization (xmiksa@informatics.muni.cz)
  • Danish localization updates (birger.langkjer@image.dk)
  • Finnish localization updates (karvonen@dawn.joensuu.fi)
  • Portuguese localization (rms@ssi.aaum.pt)
  • Options dialog started (shack@uiuc.edu)
  • First FreeBSD binaries (mihs@wm28.csie.ncu.edu.tw)
  • Spelling dialog (justin@ukans.edu) and context menu
  • Zoom and Paragraph dialogs
  • Full justification (BruceP@wn.com.au)
  • Clipboard improvements, including middle-mouse X selections
  • Norwegian localization (Edouard.Lafargue@bigfoot.com, Gro.Hansen@student.uib.no)
  • More Unicode-savvy, but still needs work
  • Preferences default to system LOCALE
  • System-wide profiles
  • Word import improvements, including some speedups
  • Administration guide for Unix users (kollar@stc.net)
  • Makefile upgrades for irix, aix, hpux, irix64, osf1
  • Word Import on Windows NT bug fix
  • Localization improvements
  • Better image selection notification
  • Print to File bug fix for Unix
  • Snazzy new importer for Word 97, Word 95, and Word 6! (Caolan.McNamara@ul.ie, justin@ukans.edu)
  • RTF improvements (petera@intrinsica.co.uk)
  • Clipboard now honors formatting
  • Italian localization (macolori@tin.it)
  • Danish localization updates (mwh@stampede.org)
  • Nicer icons on BeOS toolbar (tfletche@ieee.org)
  • Various bug fixes (babs@cs.jhu.edu, Philippe.Defert@cern.ch, Roman.Hodek@informatik.uni-erlangen.de)
  • Fixed RPM and Solaris packaging problems in 0.7.2
  • BeOS improvements (tfletche@ieee.org)
  • French localization updates (duperron@mail.dotcom.fr)
  • German localization updates (cterboven@gmx.net)
  • Finnish localization updates (jarmo@dawn.joensuu.fi)
  • Now works on Alpha/NT (ayoung@teleport.com)
  • Various bug fixes (babs@cs.jhu.edu), (robozapp@xmission.com), (mihs@wm28.csie.ncu.edu.tw), (stephen@networks.com)
  • Fixed annoying suffix bug number 464
  • Spell dictionaries are now endian-specific
  • First BeOS binaries (tfletche@ieee.org)
  • French localization (fcella@mahj.org, duperron@mail.dotcom.fr)
  • Danish localization updates (mwh@stampede.org)
  • IRIX, AIX, HP-UX, and OSF/1 makefiles (Philippe.Defert@cern.ch)
  • RTF import enhancements (petera@intrinsica.co.uk)
  • First pass at RTF export
  • Image code cleanup (robozapp@mission.com)
  • New packages -- SLP for Linux/Intel and PKG for Solaris
  • Added "make install" for Unix
  • Another passel of bug fixes, including a probable fix for #425, which should help Red Hat 6.0 users
  • First binary release -- spiffy art, lots of installers and package formats
  • Danish localization (mwh@stampede.org)
  • Dutch localization (albi@linuxfan.com)
  • German localization (cterboven@gmx.net)
  • First pass at IRIX support (ryan@coe.missouri.edu)
  • More layout fixes (robozapp@xmission.com)
  • Unix makefiles now build static and/or dynamic
  • Default to non-debug builds
  • Fixes for compilation with Sun's C++ compiler
  • Improvements to the BeOS port
  • Improvements to localization support
  • More Finnish strings added
  • New dialog: Insert Break (currently GTK and Win32 only)
  • Several bug fixes in the editing portions of the code
  • Reworked command line parsing
  • Source tree reorg
  • "Hello Abi" sample app
  • BeOS port
  • Finnish localization (jarmo@dawn.joensuu.fi)
  • Patch to fix ispell hashfiles (gecko@benham.net)
  • More vi keybindings. (stepp@mithril.res.cmu.edu)
  • Better support for GTK themes and Win32 color schemes
  • Basic support for paragraph-level and character-level styles
  • Very basic support for headers and footers. (Not yet editable)
  • Calculated fields extended to support multiple types of same, including page numbers
  • Win32: Double-clicks on a .abw file should now be handled properly
  • Improvements to GTK file dialog, font dialog, and popup menus
  • vi keybindings! :-) (rwerner@lx1.microbsys.com)
  • XAP framework now supports a status bar
  • Tree changes to accomodate apps other than AbiWord
  • Status bar messages for menu and toolbar items (EnUS)
  • Additional code added for the BeOS port (still very crude)
  • Complete set of menu items (stubs)
  • Improvements to the Word97 importer
  • XP mechanism for user options
  • Improvements to Unix font chooser dialog
  • Emacs-style key bindings (optional)
  • Zoom
  • New dialog: More Windows
  • New dialog: About
  • More cleanup of Unix font handling
  • MRU menu
  • Context menus
  • Tree cleanup work
  • Basic RTF importer (petera@intrinsica.co.uk)
  • Basic Word97 importer, still very rough (MSWordView code from Caolan)
  • Skeletal beginnings of a MacOS port. (jbrewer@jera.com)
  • Diagnostic messages to help figure out UNIX font problems
  • New framework for context-sensitive mouse detection
  • Updated material in abi/docs
  • Fixed a bunch-o-bugs, including #322, which should make things easier for Windows users
  • Way-cool support for tabs on the ruler.
  • As usual, bug fixes
  • Applied several contributed patches for build problems
  • As usual, bug fixes
  • Support for embedded images, file format is PNG
  • Functioning ruler, including interactive control over paragraph margins, indents, and column gaps.
  • Interactive spell checking is working again, with caveats.
  • Lots of drawing and formatting fixes, including a fix for bug 7
  • Added trivial exporters for plain text and HTML
  • Tree tidying of various kinds, some of which is in preparation for a MacOS port
  • As usual, tons-o-bug-fixes
  • New mechanism for mapping and handling fonts on Linux.
  • Significant improvements to the layout engine to support various types of inline content other than regular text, including tabs, inline images, computed fields, and forced breaks.
  • New toolbar buttons to control interline spacing, inter-paragraph spacing, and number of columns
  • Widow/orphan control (no GUI yet)
  • Paragraph margins and indents (no GUI yet)
  • Left-aligned default and explicit tabs (no GUI yet)
  • Improvements to rulers
  • Major changes to the layout engine
  • Further work on spell checker, but it's still disabled
  • Partial support for a ruler
  • Minor printing fixes for Linux version
  • Dead-key support for characters in ISO-8859-1
  • Support for find-replace. There is still a bug or two in this, but it's getting close.
  • Lots of bug fixes. Many.
  • Page view now looks like one
  • Very-basic support for clipboard operations
  • Not working yet, but started: spell check, and find/replace
  • Autoscroll on drag selection works now
  • Horizontal scroll bar works now.
  • XP app framework now supports dialog boxes
  • XP toolbar code now supports controls other than just buttons.
  • A bunch-o-bug-fixes
  • XP app framework now supports toolbars.
  • The code for selections has been completed redone. This should be much improved.
  • UT_ASSERT is friendlier now on Linux
  • Full Latin-1 key bindings have been added.
  • Several GUI usability improvements have been made.
  • XP app framework is proceeding. Multiple documents and windows are working now.
  • Interactive character formatting is getting much better.
  • Printing is now well underway.
  • The NGS JavaScript engine is now being compiled in, conditionally. It doesn't do much yet, but we plan to use it as a harness for automated testing.
  • We've simplified the build system quite a bit, and the build is somewhat faster now.
  • Cool new XP framework for menus, app and frame windows.
  • Build fixes for Solaris and VC6.
  • M1 selections and cursor motion are finished
  • License switch to GPL.
  • NSPR and the Mozilla JavaScript engine have been removed.
  • Consequently, the build system has been re-done, since it was previously based on the NSPR build system.
  • Basic editing operations are greatly improved.
  • Fix Doc Strux class of bugs.
  • Internal support for multiple windows (views) on a single document.
  • Numerous bugs/crashes/asserts have been fixed.
  • Editing data structures rewritten using piece tables
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo
  • Preview of wxWindows GUI implementation
  • Reorg abi/src/wp subtree for better modularity
  • Stability about equal to that of 0.1.0, due to piece table changes. See here if you want information about a class of bugs we weren't able to get to.
0.1.0Support for basic editing and saving of documents. Demoed at Open Source Developer Day 8/21/98

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