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AbiWord Weekly News (4/12/2000)

Letting the days go by . . .

Development News

This week was not as eventful as some, with only 6 checkins to the tree. Sadly, we gained no new developers this week.

The most significant checkins were from Thomas Fletcher, who fixed several problems that probably only he understands with the rapidly-progressing QNX port. This port was lucky enought to get "fairly complete" printing support this week.

The other checkin this week was from Martin Sevior, who fixed bug 432, a problem with the cursor size.

On The List

This week was also fairly slow on the list, with only 61 messages on abiword-dev. Major topics were:

  1. Serious Bugs in AbiWord - Joaquin identified some serious problems in AbiWord's current usability, and this sparked significant discussion .

  2. AbiWord as an XML Editor - Stephen Danic proposed this idea, which received several possible solutions.

  3. GNOME-print - John Tunison, continuing his work to improve the GNOME port, added support for the gnome-print dialog.

  4. XIM Patch - HJ continued the CJK internationalization effort with this patch.

Bugzilla Status

Currently, Bugzilla lists 194 bugs outstanding, with 16 of those still in SUBMIT state. Last week, we closed 2 bugs, and 4 new bugs were opened. Keep those quality bug reports coming in.

Other News

The cool post award for this week goes to Bob, for his glimpse into the life of an ordinary AbiWord user.

Sam TH

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