AbiWord v3.0.3 Changelog


  • Update Slovak translation (Jaroslav Ryník)
  • Update sq-AL.po (Besnik Bleta)


  • Update release script for git (Hubert Figuière)
  • New generate_changelog.py for git and disable generate_changelog.php script (Hubert Figuière)
  • AppData: added changes for 3.0.3 (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13904 - Fix touch pad scrolling. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Make abiword build with libical3. Fixes #13881. (Jean Brefort)
  • Do not #include evolution-data-server with C linkage. Fixes #2 and https://bugs.gentoo.org/690162 (David Seifert)
  • build: Don't check for libecal. (Iain Lane)
  • AppData: fix some validation errors. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Initialize gtk in the tests to prevent crashing. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Fix a runtime error (integer overflow) (Jean Brefort)
  • Fix a bad static_cast. (Jean Brefort)
  • gtk: fix stylist styles population (Hubert Figuière)
  • gtk: fix Gtk criticals in dialog stylist (Hubert Figuière)
  • AppData: Add license (Hubert Figuière)
  • Added gitignore (Hubert Figuière)
  • AppData: use the proper ID (Hubert Figuière)
  • AppData: include OARS data (Hubert Figuière)
  • AppData: use https. New screenshot. Added releases. (Hubert Figuière)
  • Bug 13672 - Add AppData file. (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Bug 13791 - Disable double buffering on Gtk3. (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Bug 13791 - Reduce the gdk updates to reduce flickering in X (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Bug 13791 - Fix flicker and caret problems. (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Bug 13815 - draw event should return TRUE (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Don't delete GError but use g_error_free instead (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Do not delete[] strings allocated with g_malloc(). Fixes #13834 (Jean Brefort)
  • Bug 13826 - Part 3: Fix out of bounds read of basedon style (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Bug 13826 - Part 2: fix an out of bounds access. (Hubert Figuiere)
  • omit frame pointer when -fsanitize (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Add libasan support at configure time (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Bug 13827 - Fix overflow read in PNG (Hubert Figuiere)
  • Bug 13819 - Remove nullptr as we don't require C++11 (Hubert Figuiere)