AbiWord 2.1.5 "Eu amo o Bugzilla, vocĂȘ?" Changelog

AbiWord 2.1.5 "Eu amo o Bugzilla, vocĂȘ?" Changelog

  • Filed bugs fixed

    Bug 954- Closing a document when the lists dialog is open disables list dialog for other documents. (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 1679- List changes should keep selection (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 1730- copy/paste mess complex formatting (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 4340- No Printer printing error appears twice (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 4361- GUI Locks up after several list format changes in a row (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 5150- Invalid use of radiobuttons in page number dialog (sum1)
    Bug 5762- Table Select, border strangeness (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6140- Does not import embedded image from RTF (Hubert Figuiere)
    Bug 6204- Crash, when doing format textbox without any selected textbox (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 6365- Crash in table alteration (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6521- Hyperlink entry field very short (sum1)
    Bug 6631- Crash after inserting a TOC into a styled list (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6734- crash when indenting a paragraph (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6740- When merging cells. Dialog is not aware of new structure (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 6743- Setting scale to 0 0n page setup causes hang (sum1)
    Bug 6748- Table incorrectly displayed when a merged cell spans two pages (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6764- Crash when restoring older version after inserting a footnote (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 6765- Crash when restoring older version after inserting an endnote (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 6809- Crash when inserting endnote/footnote reference twice (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6917- Inserting a TOC into a footnote inside a table with merged cells causes the creation of hundreds of pages (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6939- Crash when changing cell size after merging cells (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6942- Crash when inserting section break into endnote (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6951 - Delete key incorrectly advances caret in tables with document history (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 6952 - Crash when changing list style with table selected with document history (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 6955- Crash after pressing backspace and enter after inserting TOC (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6960- Crash when changing list style with nested table selected (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6969- TOC entries appear above headline "Table of Contents" (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6970- Non-functioning styles in the stylist (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 6973- compiling aiksaurus plugin breaks with gcc-3.4 (Mark Gilbert)
    Bug 6982- Apply in list dialog seems to redraw too early, not catching changes (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6984 - Crash after deleting hyperlink from header (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 6985- Crash when inserting hyperlink with TOC selected (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 6986- Abiword can not break Thai string properly. (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 6987- Thai string can't be deleted in proper sequence. (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7006- Crash when inserting header after closing format table dialog with nested table selected (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7007- compiler failure on ut_rbtree using gcc-3.40 (Mark Gilbert)
    Bug 7011 - Merge cells doesn't function correctly with document history (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7015- AbiWord becomes unusable after replacing text with document history (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7018 - Hang when resizing table with document history (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7025- Crash when adding text before inserted page number. (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7032- Can't select line in Header/Footer (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7033- MetaData incorrectly imported (Hubert Figuiere)
    Bug 7055- Crash in usp10.dll after typing two characters in document (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7056- Nested cells screw up table (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7058- RPM build broken due to unpackaged file (Mark Gilbert)
    Bug 7059- Can't create hyperlinks (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 7068- Paste fails if clipboard offers more than one format (Dom Lachowicz)
    Bug 7069- asking to save new document to .zabw actually is saved as .abw (sum1)
    Bug 7075- Page saved as Landscape zooms incorrectly on load (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 7081- Another xml attributes not utf8 when we claim they are bug (Patrick Lam)
    Bug 7082- Top ruler bottom controls are offset incorrectly when caret in footnotes (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7084- Crash when inserting a TOC directly above a table (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7085- Hyperlinks don't work with document history (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7087- Paragaph line height doesn't decrease after deleting an image (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7101- Format image menu entry wrong (Mark Gilbert)
    Bug 7106- Crash after formatting text as section heading with a TOC in the doc (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7112- abi eats file content instead of displaying it (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7115- Pasting selections from gecko-based browser crashes AbiWord. (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7120- coquille plugin fails to build under MINGW32 (Mark Gilbert)
    Bug 7123- \par after footnotes, incorrect (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7128- Crash, when inserting a bookmark with all text selected (Tomas Frydrych)
    Bug 7132- Horizontal ruler isn't properly redrawn after inserting a TOC (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7145 - Crash after inserting page break with TOC in doc (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7146 - 1x1 table incorrectly renders (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7148 - Graphic mess-ups when using arrows keys to scroll. (Martin Sevior) (Mikey Cooper)
    Bug 7150 - Formatting applies to more than the selection when using format table (Martin Sevior)
    Bug 7155 - Writing past end of line sometimes acts weird (Martin Sevior)

  • Translations

    • Update to the Norwegian Nynorsk translation. (Karl Ove Hufthammer)
    • New Tamil (India) translation (Vijay Durairaj)
    • Quechua translation (Amos Batto)
  • Documentation

    • Update Win32 instructions with respect to new nsis and zlib handling [abi/docs/build] (rp)
    • Various fixes in the build documentation [abi/docs/build] (Mark Gilbert)
  • Plugins

    • Lots of plugin build fixes (Mark Gilbert)
    • Delete obsolete, defunct coquille plugin; coquille support has been part of docbook plugin (Mark Gilbert)
    • Delete defunct awml plugin (Mark Gilbert)
    • Update a couple impexp plugins for new autonum api (Mark Gilbert)
  • Platform (frontend) specific changes

    • Windows

      • Windows frontend now has stylist dialog (Mikey Cooper)
      • Fix mingw build to respect CXXFLAGS (Mark Gilbert)
      • Implement Split Cells dialog in win32. (Mikey Cooper)
      • Prefer system installed NSIS (Jeremy Davis)
      • Add "down arrow" cursor for win32. This is used when the cursor is positioned over the top of the first row of a table. (Mikey Cooper)
      • Fix custom page-sizing in landscape mode on win32. (Mikey Cooper)
      • Fix win32native plugin build. (Mikey Cooper)
      • Link to zdll.lib instead of building our own shared dll. (Mikey Cooper)
      • Make distribution and some plugins, including our gsf-based pals build from diving make/mingw32 (Mikey Cooper)
      • Sundry build fixes for mingw32 (Mark Gilbert)
      • Remove PD_CURRENTPAGE as w32api's provided with MINGW32 don't seem to support it yet. This most likely also prevents us from using PrintDlgEx. (Mikey Cooper)
      • Added getUSPVersion() (Tomas Frydrych)
      • Added usp version to the dialogue to easy bug reporting (Tomas Frydrych)
      • Handle missing context in onDoubleClick() method (Tomas Frydrych)
      • Lots of work and fixes to get a bunch of plugins building and working on win32 (Mikey Cooper)
      • A few fixes to get some plugins building and working on win32 (Mark Gilbert)
    • Unix

      • Fix page setup insanity on unix. (Martin Sevior)
      • Gnomeprint works for custom page sizes now. (Martin Sevior)
  • Other changes

    • Various table fixes (Martin Sevior)
    • Various nested table fixes (Martin Sevior) [Users, if you find such a bug to be fixed, but still open in bugzilla, please help us by resolving it or verifying it if resolved]
    • Images at line start load properly now (Martin Sevior)
    • Don't use peer if prebuilt zlib exists for diving make (Jeremy Davis)
    • Diving make build update (initial work towards dll peer usage and more compiler support) (Jeremy Davis)
    • Fix build breakage under MinGW. Full path required for includes in abi_defs.mk. (Mikey Cooper)
    • Build work, add zlib header and library path to build (Jeremy Davis)
    • Fixes breakage in win32 build (Mikey Cooper)
    • Remove some use of dangerous '0xffffffff' values. (Martin Sevior)
    • Change UT_uint32 => UT_sint32 in lots of places. (Martin Sevior)
    • Some work-arounds for an mg crash (Martin Sevior)
    • A fix for a condensed paragraph undoing a paste (Martin Sevior)
    • Some work towards implement character styles on export RTF (Martin Sevior)
    • Some work towards fixing a crash changing Header/footer sizes. (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix crash changing header/footer controls on a doc with both heads and footers. (Martin Sevior)
    • Various build fixes for the unix frontend with respect to gtk (Mark Gilbert)
    • Fix off by one pixel bug (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix Lines clearing the wrong part of the screen when changing page (Martin Sevior)
    • Enable scrolling while visual drag of text (Martin Sevior)
    • Enable scrolling while dragging textboxes (Martin Sevior)
    • Initial work to support summing of rows and cols, sorting tables and text to table. (Martin Sevior)
    • Sum Table rows, Sum Table columns now works. (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix bugs exporting and importing styles to RTF. (Seth Delackner) (Martin Sevior)
    • New top ruler behavior for tables. (Only the cell to the left of marker is changed when dragging.) (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix indent/unindent behaviour to be consistent (Martin Sevior)
    • Increase the hit range when doing the down arrow selection. (Martin Sevior)
    • Finally fully fix dragging cell markers for merged cells. (Martin Sevior)
    • Various trivial fixes for the included rpm specfile template (Mark Gilbert)
    • Fix error checking in Hyperlink MenuItemState check. (Mikey Cooper)
    • Improvements to visual drag and drop text, (Martin Sevior)
    • Do not load Uniscribe dll if ABI_OPT_DISABLE_USP is defined. (Mikey Cooper)
    • Various further mingw build fixes. (Mark Gilbert) (Mikey Cooper)
    • Position textboxes relative to columns by default. (Martin Sevior)
    • Add Format Image to the Format menu in addition to the context enu. Adds a new method to fv_View. (Hubert Figuiere)
    • Cosmetic fix to not auto-show the image dialog (Hubert Figuiere)
    • Some comments and some style map updates for the Word importer (Mark Gilbert)
    • Fix memory corruption bug, work toward 7081 (Patrick Lam)
    • Fix crash deleting footnotes contained within bookmarks (Patrick Lam)
    • Remove redundant cut-n-pasted code (Patrick Lam)
    • Fix small xml file problem the right way (don't set m_bStopped) (Patrick Lam)
    • Fix getProperties insanity and some other obvious revision mark bugs. (Martin Sevior)
    • Make tab leaders work (Martin Sevior)
    • Export to RTF continues after a TOC (Martin Sevior)
    • Basic Text Box importing from MS Word (Martin Sevior)
    • Reduce some flickering, especially when typing justified text (Martin Sevior)
    • Lots of speed ups especially for large tables (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix refresh Top ruler on insert footnote/endnote (Martin Sevior)
    • Robustness fix for doSimpleLayout (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix some warnings (Hubert Figuiere)
    • Fix spliting of justified runs (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Hyperlink and bookmark fixes (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Improve navigation over and deletion of dir markers (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Added deleteFollowingIfAtInsPoint(); bookmark and hyperlink changes (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Fix in split() (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Fixes to _charMotion() to allow skiping of runs that cannot contain point (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Changes to cmdCharDelete() to prevent transparent deletion of bookmarks and hyperlinks (Tomas Frydrych)
    • Fix more blank topruler bugs. Implement Autofit for tables. (Martin Sevior)
    • More work arounds for text boxes from MSWord. (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix the blank topRuler properly. Improve vertical scrolling by not drawing twice. Update the scrollbar during loads. (Martin Sevior)
    • Don't redraw rulers so often. (Martin Sevior)
    • Merge with no .desktop strings from RedHat (why don't they send this upstream?) (Rui Miguel Seabra)
    • Clean up the .desktop file a bit (Rui Miguel Seabra)
    • Add Mime Type definition (to support near future changes on nautilus) (Rui Miguel Seabra)
    • More flicker improvements. Don't coalese past word boundaries. (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix to select the first character of selected text in the drag. (Martin Sevior)
    • Some robustness fixes for importing text boxes. (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix some MS Word import of table bugs. (Martin Sevior)
    • Fix a bunch of link errors in plugins caused by the compiler being unable to resolve the vaddrs of some virtual destructors. (Mark Gilbert)
    • Various build and packaging fixes, including regressions since 2.1.3 (Mark Gilbert)
    • Enable 'Embed Fonts' by default when printing to ps (Marc Maurer)
    • Remove buggy autom4te cache directory by default when autogenning (Mark Gilbert)
    • Cause default outfile for nsis installer to match what we want on sf (Mark Gilbert)
    • Prepare for and release 2.1.5 (Mark Gilbert)