Press Items

  • 4 February 2000 -- Press Release
    AbiWord Repeats as Linux World Show Favorite
    Wins Office Suite category in voting by 20,000 attendees

  • 12 August 1999 -- Press Release
    AbiWord Wins Show Favorite Award at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo
    LinuxWorld's Nicholas Petreley Presents Award to SourceGear Corporation

  • 20 July 1999 -- Press Release
    SourceGear Corporation Acquires Cyclic Software
    Sponsors of AbiSource Project continue their involvement in Free Software Community

  • 19 May 1999 -- Press Release
    AbiSource Ships AbiWord Preview Release 0.7
    Ready-to-use versions available on CD-ROM, or via the Internet.

  • 1 March 1999 -- Press Release
    AbiSource Introduces Newest Employee
    Abi the Ant accepts position as Open Source Evangelist.

  • 28 January 1999 -- Press Release
    Did Microsoft Exec Endorse AbiSource?
    AbiSource responds to testimony in the Microsoft-DOJ trial by Microsoft's Paul Maritz, senior vice-president of platforms and applications.

  • 1 December 1998 -- Press Release
    GPL Accelerates Development of AbiSuite
    Linux users will benefit from the emergence of fully supported Open Source applications

  • 24 August 1998 -- Article
    Open Source on the Desktop: AbiSource's Eric W. Sink
    By Dale Dougherty, published in the booklet distributed to attendees of O'Reilly's Open Source Developer Day

  • 21 August 1998 -- Press Release
    Open Source Applications Move to the Desktop
    AbiSource announces development of fully-supported cross-platform word processor