Martin Sevior,

msevior  # physics. unimelb. edu. au


The aim of the program is to make it as easy as possible for people to do their own personal budgets and keep track of their finances. Using this program you can:

The program is written in the Python programming language and has an easy to use Graphical User Interface which employs the excellent GTK-2.2 toolkit. The glade, libglade and pyGtk bindings were also used.

The author uses this program for his own budgeting needs and finds it works very well for him. However he is very interested in hearing about bugs that needs fixing and even more about patches that fix these bugs!

This program is Free Software licensed under the Lesser General Program License (lGPL) of the Free Software Foundation. Your are welcome to use this program, modify the program and pass it on to your friends with certain restrictions. Please read the license in detail at the end of this document.

Screen shots

Here are some screenshots of MyBudget in action.

Recording Transactions

Reviewing Expenses

Creating a Budget

Review Direct Debit Account

Export to Gnumeric

Export to AbiWord

Help in MyBudget


You can download MyBudget from these links:

New Release! MyBudget 0.60.


New Features in 0.60 from 0.51:

Previous releases

First Bugfixes


Initial Release:



For Linux (or Unix)

You'll need python, Gtk2.2, pyGtk, gconf, pyGconf, libglade and pyLibglade

MyBudget works out-of-box on Fedora-1 and Fedora-2.

For Windows

You'll need windows version of python, Gtk2.2, pyGtk, gconf, pyGconf, libglade and pyLibglade.

Install for Linux (or Unix)

You'll need GTK-2.2 or later, libglade,


tar zxvf MyBudget-0.6.tar.gz

cd MyBudget-0.6

./ /path/to/prefix

Then myBudget will be installed in:


(for the executable) and


For the support files.

Install for Windows.

Good Luck!

More Info:

You can find out more about MyBudget but consulting the online help files. This documentation is also distributed with the program.


The author welcomes feedback. You can contact him at the email address above.