AbiWord for MacOS

This page will attempt to give a status of the progress of the MacOS X port of AbiWord

Document Frame (main window)almost finishedStill slow, but much faster since caching is implemented (05/20/03) and since redrawing has been optimized (06/23/03) Redrawing even faster. Clipping works. see blog (scroll down a few entries) (8/15/03)Showing GUADEC4 paper
The same, scrolled
Menu BarAlmost completeUse a single shared menu bar (6/23/03). Handle menu item state (5/26/03)
Status BarAlmost done (5/23/03).Still abug where the status bar view does not resize. Investigate further within Cocoa.
Toolbarsbasic feature including enable/disable. Better handling of multiple frames, even is still buggy (06/23/03)
PrintingWorks (6/10/03)Most of the work is done in GR_CocoaGraphics. Current limitation are due to XP framework in Abi and the way is works in Cocoa
Cut and Pastemostly doneneed a wide range of debugging
About boxdoneAbout.jpg
Background dialog
Break dialogdone (05/03/03)Break.jpg
Columnsdone (10/8/03)Columns.jpg
File Encoding dialogdone (04/29/03)
Field Dialogdone (10/30/03)Fields.jpg
File Open Save Asdone (04/21/03)need to show image preview
Fontdone (04/30/03)Font.jpg
Format Footnotesdone (09/24/03)FootnotesEndnotes.jpg
Format Tabledone (10/30/03)FormatTable.jpg
Goto dialogdone (11/03/03)GotoDialog.jpg
Header / Footerdone (11/20/03)
Insert Date/Timedone (05/12/03)DateTime.jpg
Insert Bookmarkdone (10/30/03)
Insert Hyperlinkdone (10/30/03)
Insert Tabledone (10/16/03)InsertTable.jpg
Languagedone (04/29/03)Language.jpg
List Revision
Listsdone (09/18/03)
Mail Merge
Mark Revisions
Merge Cellsdone (10/16/03)
Message Boxdone (04/29/03)MessageBox.jpg
Document propertiesdone (05/02/03)MetaData.jpg
New documentdone (06/28/03)
Optionsdone (04/25/03)
Page Numbers
Page SetupMostly done (06/10/03)Need to fix up MacOS X friendliness
Paragraphsdone (05/06/03)
Passworddone (11/03/03)
Plugins Managerdone (05/12/03)Plugins.jpg
Plugin supportweakPlugin architecture should be finalized for MacOS X, possibly using bundles. API will not be different from UNIX...
Print Dialogdone as part of printing.Set up an accessory view inside the print dialog.
Print Preview
Replacedone (10/8/03)
Stylesdone (10/01/03)
Tabsdone (07/02/03)
Toggle casedone (08/27/03) by a third party whose name I forgot (need to dig the archives
Insert Symbolsdone (05/12/03)Symbols.jpg
Window Moredone (04/29/03)
Word Countdone (05/12/03)WordCount.jpg
Zoomdone (05/12/03)Zoom.jpg

Current limitations

AbiWord still needs Fink to be compiled and run due to dependencies on glib2 and libiconv. Typing text is slow. I suspect the bottleneck is glyph measurement, and profiling the code points me to that direction. Also load is slow, probably for the same reason (loading a document makes the layout to be computed). As of today (July 2, 2003) speed begins to be acceptable in debug mode on my G3/400 PowerBook.

Mac specific features that needs to be implemented:

  • Apple Script support
  • QT import for images
  • Services
  • Apple Spell support

Panther (aka 10.3) is not in the plan. This version should work without trouble on Panther, but won't be "ported". I'll stick to 10.2.

Last update November 20th 2003