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Abi the Ant sitting on the AbiWord logo

Curious about (Cocoa) AbiWord for Mac (MacOSX)? Read the README for AbiWord 2.4 (or AbiWord 2.2)...

For platform reference, here are some screen shots of the Cocoa AbiWord dialogs...


  • November 28th, 2004
    • New AbiWord-compatible Lithuanian ispell dictionaries (lietuviu.hash) uploaded to SourceForge (i386 & ppc).
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Building (Cocoa) AbiWord

Abi the Ant desperately trying to build AbiWord

People keep asking, "How do I build AbiWord?" Or, more usually, "I can't build AbiWord!" Usually these outbursts are followed by demands for build documentation. Such documentation has always existed, but for security reasons it has been encrypted and stored on dial-up server in Serbia, from which it can (or, rather, could) be downloaded from a password-protected directory between midnight and 3 a.m. on Saturday mornings.

Distressingly, crackers broke into the server this morning (27th August, 2005) and replaced the AbiWord build documentation with an advert for something called Open Office. I believe this to be the act of an emerging world-wide internet conspiracy focussed on disrupting my business and I am considering legal action against Mr John "l33t" Smith & co. The server has been taken offline for forensic analysis.

Temporarily, therefore, build instructions are available here. I have not had time to encrypt these, so please do not read any further until you have signed a confidentiality agreement.

You will need to be using at least OS X 10.3. For Step 3 you will also need to be an administrator.

Step 1: Get the AbiWord sources from cvs. Basically, open a new shell using Terminal.app, and:

	$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anoncvs@anoncvs.abisource.com:/cvsroot
	$ cvs login
	password: anoncvs
	$ cvs -z3 co abicocoa

which will download tons of stuff. Things get a little complicated already because one of the subdirectories needs to be replaced, so:

	$ cd abicocoa
	$ cd wv
	$ cvs -qz3 update -rwv-1-0-0-STABLE -Pd
	$ cd ..

which will again download stuff. The last bit of source you'll need from AbiWord's cvs is link-grammar:

	$ cvs -z3 co link-grammar

Step 2: Download fribidi-0.10.4.tar.gz from SourceForge to the current directory (abicocoa), then:

	$ tar zxf fribidi-0.10.4.tar.gz
	$ mv fribidi-0.10.4 fribidi
	$ cd fribidi
	$ ./configure
	$ cd ..

Step 3: Now that you have the source for AbiWord and some of its dependencies, you need to download even more stuff. There are various ways to get these, if you know what you are doing. If you're not an expert (is anyone?), download this 56MB package (or, if you prefer, here's the BZip2 version which is a mere 47MB) to, for example, your home directory (i.e., /Users/you).

This tar-ball is based originally on a Fink 10.2 installation (thanks Fink!) but several of the libraries have been updated using standard sources. The tar-ball contains various libraries, including:

	libxml-2.0                       libXML - libXML library version2.
	glib-2.0                         GLib - C Utility Library
	gobject-2.0                      GObject - GLib Type, Object, Parameter and Signal
	gthread-2.0                      GThread - Thread support for GLib
	gmodule-2.0                      GModule - Dynamic module loader for GLib
	gmodule-no-export-2.0            GModule - Dynamic module loader for GLib
	libgsf-1                         libgsf-1 - A library for reading and writing structured
	                                 files (eg MS OLE and Zip)
	libwpd-stream-0.8                libwpd-stream-0.8 - GSFStream support for libwpd, a
	                                 library for reading and writing Corel WordPerfect(tm)
	libwpd-0.8                       libwpd-0.8 - A library for reading and writing Corel
	                                 WordPerfect(tm) documents
	mathview-core                    MathView - MathML rendering engine (core)
	mathview-frontend-custom-reader  MathView - MathML rendering engine (custom frontend)
	mathview-frontend-libxml2        MathView - MathML rendering engine (libxml2 frontend)
	mathview-frontend-libxml2-reader MathView - MathML rendering engine (libxml2 reader
	mathview-backend-svg             GtkMathView - MathML rendering engine (SVG backend)

The distribution needs to be installed in the usual Fink place, so if you already have a Fink distribution move this away:

	$ sudo mv /sw /sw.orig

To install the distribution you have just downloaded, do:

	$ sudo -s
	root# cd /
	root# tar zxf /Users/you/sw-20050827.tar.gz
	root# exit

Step 4: You are now ready to build AbiWord. Return to the abicocoa directory, where you were in Steps 1 and 2, and simply:

	$ export PATH=/sw/bin:$PATH
	$ ./build_devel.sh all

If it seems to hang immediately, it's waiting for you to type in a directory - or you can just press Enter. Once built, AbiWord.app will be in the BUILD subdirectory of abicocoa, or wherever else you specified at the start.

This script has a number of options (--symroot doesn't work, I think) which you can get the usual way:

	$ ./build_devel.sh --help

Plug-ins for (Cocoa) AbiWord

Those of you missing Abi the Ant, AbiWord's cute little mascot, will be happy to find that she's not dead, merely enjoying a happy early retirement. I have, however, persuaded her to take up a part-time job as the icon for (Cocoa) AbiWord's plug-in icon. Thanks Abi!

  • March 6th, 2005
    • CocoaAbi's first plug-in to use the new AbiWord CocoaPlugin interface: the Aiksaurus English thesaurus. Download the plug-in: AbiAiksaurus (600KB). [You will need the March 6th (or later) build of AbiWord.]

MacOSX AbiWord News

  • September 11th, 2005

    Well, while Hub's being doing the hard work and fixing the bugs, for which I am very grateful, I've been having a bit of fun working on getting AbiWord 2.4's support for equations working in CocoaAbi. Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to get this working on 10.2, only 10.3, so I am providing two binaries of the latest beta release, 2.3.6:

    For 10.2 and later, without support for equations, AbiWord-2.3.6-10.2.dmg [8.93MB]

    For 10.3 and later, with support for equations, AbiWord-2.3.6.dmg [9.92MB]

    AbiWord 2.4 has support for displaying MathML equations using the excellent GtkMathView and also for entering equations in a LaTeX format (based on itex2MML and itexToMML).

    To make this work, you will need to download and install the Computer Modern fonts. You can get these from Mozilla - see the section "TeX's Computer Modern Fonts" and read the license and, if you use Mozilla, the warning!

    You can insert equations using the LaTeX dialog (Insert->Equation->From LaTeX... menu) or you can import MathML files.

    This release also includes support for importing Open Document (*.odt) documents.

  • August 6th, 2005: AbiWord-Devel-20050806.dmg [7.6MB]

    A build of the current development tree. Grammar checker works, I think. Several libraries upgraded.

  • July 27th, 2005: AbiWord-2.2.9.dmg [7.6MB]

    Hub's been fixing lots of stuff. Yay! Thanks Hub...

  • June 11th, 2005

    Attempt to fix Bug 8858 (a crash-on-start-up bug).

  • June 6th, 2005

    I haven't properly tested this build. Fingers crossed...

    As you may have noticed, I haven't been developing CocoaAbi recently, for which I can only beg your forgiveness. I don't know when I'll get back to it. Fear not, though. Hub, the originator of the Cocoa port, is back in action and will be looking after things again.

  • April 4th, 2005

    Don't ask me.

  • April 3rd, 2005

    The AbiWord build system has been updated slightly and is also now built against the 10.2.8 SDK. (I'm not sure what the effects of these changes are yet.)

    • Finish work on the Table of Contents dialog.
    • Fix crashes in the Merge/Split Cells dialogs.
    • Fix a hang in the Insert Table dialog to do with broken input.
    • Fix Zoom dialog's handling of percentages.
    • Tweaks to MetaData (Document Properties) and Insert Field dialogs.
  • March 31st, 2005
    • The Tool Palette now supports display and selection of particular members of the current font family; in addition, the pop-up buttons display the font names in their own fonts (although this may not be a permanent feature - let me know if you have strong feelings either way).
    • Some work on the Table of Contents dialog.
    • UI-related tweaks: Bugs 8547, 8636, 8637, 8638, 8639, 8640, 8643 and 8689.
  • March 7th, 2005

    I've corrected the way the plug-ins are linked, which I hope will fix some of the various problems seen by some OS X 10.2 users. The application also seems to have grown somewhat, I'm not entirely sure why, but probably related to the change in linking. (I'm making this version available also as a zip.)

  • March 6th, 2005

    Our main QA guy, sum1, has had access to a Mac recently and has been filing a large number of bugs, which I've been doing my best to fix, so if CocoaAbi is improving quickly it's mostly thanks to him.

  • March 2nd, 2005
    • Now you can type in the comboboxes in the toolbars. (I have reduced the number of font sizes listed, though.)
    • Stop the RTF importer from changing Helvetica into Helvetic. (Silly thing to do, if you ask me.)
    • Fix ruler units for mm and fix pica and points units in Preferences.
    • Adjust zoom (Page Width and Whole Page) for new and resized documents.
    • If no documents are open, revert to the default document size for the next.
    • Fix Stylist dialog (really rather broken) and make it a little smaller.
    • Adjust Table->Insert->Table... dialog and limit the spinners to 1..64 columns and 1..500 rows.
    • The Choose Document dialog crashed if there were any untitled documents; these are now listed as "(untitled)" (hardly ideal, I know).
    • Searching the document for the string "" is apparently a bad idea (who'd've thought?) so: don't!
    • Another update of AbiWord's Info.plist (thanks again sardisson!).
    • It is now possible to load plugins by selecting them in the Finder - not that anyone but me ever does this.
    • The new Cocoa plugin API now provides version information; plus a new method (completely untested) to add items to the context menu.
  • February 25th, 2005
    • Add a faint border to the toolbars.
    • Update AbiWord's Info.plist (thanks sardisson!) to make AbiWord play better with the Finder (MIME types, OS types and more file extensions recognized). Also, it is now possible to open WordPerfect documents at launch time.
  • February 21st, 2005
    • Font names are accepted when given instead of font family names. This is not an ideal solution.
    • AbiWord's RTF importer turns Helvetica into Helvetic - this is a pain. Treat these as equivalent. I hate this.
    • Fix a crash that would occur sometimes at exit to do with deallocating fonts improperly.
    • Fix Info.plist - let's you put AbiWord into the Dock again.
    • Updated README documentation - my thanks to Donald Smith and Andy Staines for prompting and feedback.
    • Automatically create application folders on start-up.
    • Fix some NSTableView elements which had the Editable flag set.
    • Animate ToolPalette resizing.
    • Tools->Language... dialog now has an option to set the default language for new documents. (I'm not entirely sure this works.)
    • File->New using Template... dialog no longer has the start empty option.
    • The WordPerfect importer plugin now uses libwpd 0.8!
    • More Mail Merge support in the new Cocoa plugin API.
  • January 23rd, 2005
    • Fix the toolbars! Sorry!
    • Some more work towards supporting Cocoa plugins (bundles); deactivated plugins now greyed out in the Tools->Plugins... dialog.
  • January 20th, 2005
    • Toolbar & Tool Palette buttons (and thus Toolbar height and Tool Palette width) are slightly smaller now.
    • Toolbars are separated, and the large background bar is no longer there - which makes the toolbars look a little odd, but I think it's a slight improvement. The toolbars also rearrange themselves a little, depending on screen width.
    • Initial document window size is slightly better (all things being relative).
    • Format->Page->Background Color... dialog implemented.
    • Insert->Mail Merge Field... dialog implemented (although mail merge itself may not be - I plan to look into this).
    • Some work towards supporting Cocoa plugins (bundles); visible changes to the Tools->Plugins... dialog.
  • January 9th, 2005
    • Check marks in menu items update properly.
    • Foreground & background color buttons on toolbar pop up a color selector.
    • The proxy icon in the title bar should behave properly now.
    • Insert->Field dialog fixed.
    • File->Page Setup (a.k.a. Format->Document) dialog reworked - it's now possible to set page size and orientation.
  • January 6th, 2005
    • Happy New Year!
    • Much improved File->Open/Save dialog (at least on Panther, not sure about Jaguar) including image preview for Insert->Picture.
    • Lots of work on formatting text boxes; also, left ruler no longer disappears while editing a text box.
    • Some work on cursors, although they don't really behave as well as they should.
    • Better line thickness, and scaling of dots and dashes.
  • December 22nd, 2004
    • WARNING: This build is strictly for testing of new features.
    • Prettier rulers.
    • I'm playing around with File->Open/Save dialog at the moment so it may behave strangely.
  • December 21st, 2004
    • Fix list bullits (sp?) weirdness.
    • View complex input (Chinese, Japanese, Korean and accented special characters) in the document as you type.
    • Add Panels submenu to Window menu with items for Tool Palette and Preview Panel - these are no longer in the Dock menu.
  • December 13th, 2004

    Gosh! What excitement! AbiWord-2.2.0 for MacOSX was sitting quietly on SourceForge waiting to become official when what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, Version Tracker noticed it, I suppose, so lots of impatient Mac people got to see AbiWord-2.2 semi-officially while the rest of the semi-civilized world had to wait ages and ages for the AbiWord developers to get their act together and release AbiWord-2.2.1!

    Which they eventually did. Yay! Yay! Yay! Announced on SlashDot to much critical acclaim (with the emphasis of course on critical, naturally enough, though I think we were expecting to be flamed, roasted, etc.). Er, hold on. Did you say 2.2.1? Where was AbiWord-2.2.1 for MacOSX? Well, that was hastily (but admittedly belatedly) uploaded with a few post-official-release bug fixes (simply had to get a working Insert Symbol dialog - 'working' in the sense of not crashing AbiWord, that is).

    Anyway. With 2.2 announced, and AbiWords-2.2.0 and -2.2.1 available, there was plenty of opportunity for you Mac folk (Note: if you're not a Mac folk, perhaps you should be? Think about it...) to complain about every little deviation from the perfection you have come to expect, nay, demand, from your Apple applications!


    Friends, bloggers, netizens, lend me your eyes! I come to build Abi, not to praise her!

    Well, thankfully, we persuaded some of these excellent and insightful testers to file bugs instead of simply complain about AbiWord, and the result, I'm exceedingly proud to say, is the Marginally Better AbiWord-2.2.2!!!

    It's far from perfect, I know, I know, (look, I said: I know! grr...) but I would let her date my sister. (Well, no, that's a lie.)

    [Before you all write in, which I know you won't, but anyway, Abi the Ant is female and I'm deliberately conflating Abi and AbiWord, the word processor, but since it gives me a chance to ramble on insanely like this, and also to use words like conflate, I'm not going to apologize.]

    To the point. Today's exciting new features include:

    • Lots of people were complaining about the style of the toolbars being archaic. Well, the buttons are borderless now and I hope you like them.
    • Toolbar buttons have tooltips now.
    • Toolbar no longer takes keyboard focus away from the document.
    • Neither does the Stylist dialog.
    • The About dialog's text starts at the top now.
    • GoTo and Find/Replace dialogs appear with keyboard focus. (Has anyone noticed that these are actually the same dialog twice? Weird.)
    • Oh, Find/Replace will now search the correct document.
    • Lots of work getting short-cuts (key equivalents) to work, since these were all being sent to the current document instead of where they were supposed to go, tsk tsk, - and now you can also cut/copy/paste/select-all in dialog text fields using the familiar Command-X/C/V/A (which you couldn't do before but because of all the other bugs you didn't know that). In fact, I've remapped the short-cuts in the menus to match, to some extent, the familiar Text Edit short-cuts.
    • New windows cascade, although the toolbars get in the way a little.
    • Some alert panels have better button ordering, and all should have an extra line of information.
    • Fixed a bug that I don't think anyone had ever noticed, to do with objects being autoreleased without a pool. (I guess it's a long drop.)
    • Fixed a bug that caused crashes or other weird behaviour after loading a document. (Don't worry, there are still plenty of other ways to crash AbiWord.)
    • Completely rewrote the way the main menu is created. The Window menu is now a proper Window menu (although I removed the Zoom button), and the AbiWord menu only has the one set of Services-...-Quit buttons. (NOTE: Unfortunately, the dock menu is temporarily missing the Preview Panel and Tool Palette buttons.)
  • November 30th, 2004
    • IMPORTANT: Anyone who downloaded the previous (Nov. 28th) release and used the new preferences dialog should delete /Users/YOU/Library/Application Support/AbiSuite/AbiSuite.Profile.
    • Karl Koehler has done some work on improving bi-directional text input and glyph shaping. Try it out...
  • November 28th, 2004
    • Fix bug causing document style names mysteriously turning into random oriental characters when importing Word documents.
    • Includes new Options dialog. (NOTE: Not fully functional, but the old one was causing a crash when used with no open documents.)
    • More work on plug-ins. The Plug-in Manager dialog works now, and this build also includes the plugins:
      • AbiLaTeX - export to LaTeX. (Any volunteers to help develop this?)
      • AbiGoogle - context menu entry to search Google with the current selection.
      • AbiURLDict - context menu entry to search DICT.org with the current selection.
      • AbiWikipedia - context menu entry to search (the English) Wikipedia (a web encyclopedia) with the current selection.
  • November 27th, 2004
    • WARNING: This build is strictly for testing of new features.
    • Working on plug-ins. This build includes:
      • AbiBZ2 - import & export of bzip2-compressed AbiWord documents.
      • AbiOpenWriter - import & export of OpenOffice Writer documents.
      • AbiSDW - import of StarWriter (up to 5.x) documents.
      • AbiWordPerfect - import of WordPerfect documents.
      • AbiXHTML - import of HTML document's via libxml2's html parser (please select this explicitly in the File-Open dialog).
  • November 21st, 2004
    • This build uses enchant as the spelling back-end, and has plug-ins for (a) ispell and the traditional abispell dictionaries, and (b) Apple's MacOSX dictionaries, which (as far as I can tell) are:
      • Dutch (Netherlands)
      • English (Australia) [Panther Only]
      • English (Canada)
      • English (UK)
      • English (US)
      • French (France)
      • German (Germany)
      • Italian (Italy)
      • Portuguese (Portugal)
      • Portuguese (Brasil)
      • Spanish (Spain)
      • Swedish (Sweden)
    • NOTE: New Options dialog not included in this build.
  • November 18th, 2004
    • Should work on Jaguar.
    • NOTE: New Options dialog not included in this build.
  • November 15th, 2004
    • WARNING: This build is strictly for testing of new features.
    • Can someone please see whether this release works on Jaguar?
    • New fix for menu short-cuts that should also work with Jaguar.
    • Fix hang that occurred when changing preferences.
  • November 12th, 2004
    • WARNING: This build is strictly for testing of new features.
    • Can someone please see whether this release works on Jaguar? (It doesn't.)
    • Cut & Paste of non-ANSI characters between AbiWord and other applications should work better now. (Thanks to Karl Koehler for help with this.)
    • The new AbiWord document icon now covers .zabw also.
  • November 7th, 2004
    • WARNING: This build is strictly for testing of new features.
    • The Options dialog is currently being reworked. You can change the interface language there (you need to restart AbiWord for this to take effect).
    • Some improvement in handling Chinese/Korean/Japanese input. There's an input preview box in the Extra palette, or you can get a floating panel by selecting the Preview Panel item in the Dock menu.
  • October 31st, 2004
    • Happiness: Finally fixed that selection bug!
    • Ryan's classy new AbiWord document icons for .abw, .bak~ & .CRASHED.
    • The disc image's folder should have a background image now, but I haven't been able to automate this. Please help if you can.
    • Dock's menu's Quit button will now make AbiWord ask about unsaved documents before it exits.
    • Fixed (I hope) the crash that occurs sometimes when documents are brought on-screen after, e.g., being miniaturized in the Dock.
    • Print-Preview (which can't be implemented, as far as I can tell), topline & bottomline (both deprecated and anyway rather buggy) buttons removed from Tool Palette, and some reorganization of the other buttons.
    • Some drawing improvements.
    • Spell-check dialog works now.
    • Updated Format-Image dialog, though I'm not sure how well the new options are implemented...
  • October 25th, 2004
    • Untitled files will now auto-save to the user's Desktop. The Options (Preferences) dialog has been fixed so that auto-save period is recorded. Files with extensions .bak~ (and also .CRASHED) have a new icon.
    • Various toolbar changes. Removing them all no longer forces you to restart AbiWord to get them back. Focus returns to document after combo/pop-up selection/editing (I made the fonts and styles combo boxes into pop-up buttons). The toolbar button layout has been tightened slightly, and the combo/pop-up buttons made wider.
    • Tool palette: Document styles are now alphabetic. I've added little switches beside the color buttons - these are a work in progress and may change/vanish later. There's a new "Properties" palette which I find useful but may be confined to DEBUG builds at a later date.
    • Only include AbiWord templates in the template list in New-from-Template dialog.
    • Barbarisms code will now work, though barbarism data is only provided for ca-ES, en-AU & es-MX.
    • Editted documents are now marked as such in the tradition MacOSX way - with a dot in the red close button.
    • WARNING: A known (and very irritating) bug in this and the last two releases is that redraw isn't working properly so that the current selection, and any changes applied to a selection, are not immediately visible. Scroll up or down a page and back to check you've done what you expected.
  • October 19th, 2004
    • Finally built wv against glib-2.0 & libiconv, so I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about MSWord-DOC import - give it a spin...
    • Allow fonts starting with "." or "#". (Does anyone understand why these might be problematic?)
    • Font dialog fixed.
    • Insert-Section dialog fixed.
    • New-from-Template dialog fixed.
    • More screen-painting fixes from Remi Payette.
    • Tool Palette on/off item added to dock menu.
    • Tool Palette redesigned following criticism of excessive width & icky blue of titles.
    • Text foreground/background color buttons implemented in Tool Palette, but currently no support for "Automatic" colors. (Any recommendations?)
  • October 13th, 2004
    • Contextual menus should work now.
    • Extending selection using shift + left/right cursor should work.
    • Various screen-painting fixes from Remi Payette (with more to come).
    • Recent files menu won't be greyed out when no documents are open.
    • Added a dock menu.
    • Fixed the splash window (these things are so important).
    • Fixed the About window.
    • New tool palette.
  • October 5th, 2004
    • Menu shortcuts fixed - no need to use menus first.
    • Scroll wheel and right-click should work now.
    • Spell-checking should work now, with English(US) dictionary included; other dictionaries can be used - get 'Big-Endian' ispell hashes from the abispell package and put them in /Library/Application Support/AbiSuite/dictionary/ or /Users/YOU/Library/Application Support/AbiSuite/dictionary/.
    • Similarly, the default template (normal.awt) can be modified and saved in /Library/Application Support/AbiSuite/templates/ or /Users/YOU/Library/Application Support/AbiSuite/templates/.
  • October 3rd, 2004
    • New build to celebrate my return to AbiWord development.

About fjf

fjf was born in the last half hour of Leo in 1972 and, unless he has died recently, continues to live to this day. He has remained, by and large, a Leo, only once (to his knowledge) having been a Virgo. No doubt this accounts for his abiding affection for 99.5% of cats - or "feline entities" as he generally doesn't prefer to call them - just as his birth in the midnight hour is certainly the root of his fascination with vampires and assassins.

A former aspiring author, fjf is now a born-again geek. His favourite conceit is to consider himself an anarchist. Since he frequently extols the virtues of proprietary software, few (if indeed any) are fooled by his evangelical support of the Free Software Foundation and his continual demands that AbiWord should be GNU/AbiWord.

When appropriately medicated, fjf is known to hang out in IRC, where his sense of the absurd and lamentable puns drive the, ah, GNU/AbiWord developers to distraction.

He has two home pages that you may like to visit. Alina Meridon has been in fjf's family for generations, as evidenced by a multitude of architectural designs. The primordial functionalism of the AbiWord page, for example, contrasts the stylish, impressionistic home page, and the more determined and curious of visitors will find examples of classical tables and even baroque frames. Crazy Wormhole, on the other hand, has the rigid structure so familiar in modern architecture and that pretentious simplicity that supposedly differentiates nouveau from immature.

Infrequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to submit questions and/or answers; note, however, that while no credit will be given, none will be taken either.

If I delete Abiword, what happens to all the documents saved in Abiword?
They magically turn into butterflies and fly away.
There's no way to stop the download.
Unplug the network interface or kill Abi.


n. a variant of aphasia common in operating systems which default to ISO locales.
n. exhibition of mechanical sex aids.

Language Support

LANG Language name rpm tar.gz zip
ca-ES Catalan i386 i386 i386 & ppc
cs-CZ Czech i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
da-DK Danish i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
de-CH Swiss i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
de-DE German i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
de-AT German i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
el-GR Greek i386 i386 i386
en-AU English i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
en-CA English i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
en-GB English i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
en-IE English i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
en-NZ English i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
en-US English i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
en-ZA English i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
eo Esperanto i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
es-ES Spanish i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
es-MX Spanish i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
fi-FI Finnish i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
fr-BE French i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
fr-CA French i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
fr-CH French i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
fr-FR French i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
hu-HU Hungarian i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
ga-IE Irish gaelic i386 i386 i386
gl-ES Galician i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
it-IT Italian i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
la-IT Latin i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
lt-LT Lithuanian i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
nl-NL Dutch i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
nb-NO Norwegian i386 i386 i386
nn-NO Norwegian(nynorsk) i386 i386 i386
pl-PL Polish i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
pt-PT Portuguese i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
pt-BR Portuguese i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
ru-RU Russian i386 i386 i386
sl-SI Slovenian i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
sv-SE Swedish i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc
uk-UA Ukrainian i386 & ppc i386 & ppc i386 & ppc

Other dictionaries (unsupported)