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GNOME-Office 1.0 Released

The GNOME-Office team is proud to announce the immediate availability of GNOME-Office 1.0. GNOME-Office is a suite of Free Software productivity applications that seamlessly blend with the GNOME Desktop Environment. GNOME-Office includes the AbiWord-2.0 Word Processor, GNOME-DB-1.0 Database Interface and Gnumeric-1.2.0 Spreadsheet.

AbiWord 2.0 aka "Mean Ant Blues"

AbiWord-2.0 is a cross-platform word processor that combines state-of-the-art usability, powerful Word Processing features, excellent interoperability with other Word Processors and many unique plugins that can be used to extend the program as needed. Among the new features in AbiWord-2.0 are: tables, footnotes, endnotes, mail-merge, database connectivity, revision marks and numerous server-side features such as command-line scripting. It features superb MS Word import ability as well as perfect import/export to Rich Text Format.


GNOME-DB provides a unified data access architecture to the GNOME project. GNOME-DB provides a data-management API, offering easy access to data from a large variety of data providers including: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Firebird, IBM DB2 and mSQL databases as well as ODBC data sources, XBase, MS Access and SQLite files. The GNOME-DB application enables AbiWord and Gnumeric to integrate text and data from any of these databases into documents and spreadsheets.

Gnumeric 1.2.0 aka "Emb-Ext"

Gnumeric 1.2.0, GNOME's spreadsheet, is designed to be fast, compatible, and easily extensible. The latest release provides a comprehensive set of accurate analytics, including a solver, goal seek, iterative expressions and 100% coverage of MS Excel (tm) worksheet functions. There is also newly added support for encrypted xls files, Applix 5, PlanPerfect, Quattro Pro, and OpenOffice import.

Dr. B. D. McCullough, associate professor of Decision Sciences at Drexel University and a noted authority on the accuracy of statistical software says: "Persons who wish to use a spreadsheet to perform statistical analyses, and who are concerned about the accuracy of their results, are advised to use Gnumeric rather than Excel."

Morris Pearl, Columbia University. Former-head of Fixed Income Quantitative Research at UBS Warburg, says: "the many advantages of using open source software such as Gnumeric are quickly overtaking the one advantage of using Microsoft's proprietary Excel software, namely interoperability with other users of Excel."


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