AbiWord v2.3.4 Released

The AbiWord team is happy to announce AbiWord v2.3.4 (aka AbiWord 2.4 beta 1) for your stress-testing pleasure. This release is virtually identical to what will become AbiWord 2.4, except with some more bugs still in it.

This snapshot allows interested developers, testers and users a sneak preview into the future of AbiWord. Note that at the moment we do not provide pre-compiled packages, as we have no volunteers at the moment to create them.

The changes from 2.3.2 to 2.3.4 (2.3.3 was never any good) include a lot of bugfixes, as we are working on stablizing the 2.3 development series towards our first stable 2.4 release. No record of the exact list of changes is available for this release. Though the contributors for this release are not listed explicitly, we are very thankful for all their help and support.

AbiWord v2.3.x is parallel installable with AbiWord v2.2 so users can try it out without disturbing their stable AbiWord 2.2 version. We are very much interested in any bug you may find. Please report these to http://bugzilla.abisource.com/.

While we encourage people to try out this new snapshot, please be aware that is a development snapshot and is not expected to be stable in any sort of way.

Availability: http://www.abisource.com/download/development.phtml.

More information: http://www.abisource.com/.


   The AbiWord Development Team