*** Guide-to-Links ***

XJ is used to connect sub-phrases that occur in various idiomatic coordinating expressions. Currently, it is used only to implement ... not only X, but Y, linking to infinitives:

                        |          +----------Js---------+        |               
             +-----I----+          |     +-------Ds------+        |               
      +--Sp--+     +IDBM+--I-+-MVp-+     |      +---AN---+   +-Xd-+----I---+--Ox-+
      |      |     |    |    |     |     |      |        |   |    |        |     |
     you should.v not only ask.v for.p your money.n-u back.n , but.j-r demand.v it 

Other possible uses of this link (not currently implemented) might cover other idiomatic coordinating expressions, such as:

Note also that the RJ link is also used for various miscellaneous expressions; see also the V link for idiomatic expressions with intervening words.

Note also that the VJb link is used to form not only ... but also... expressions with past-tense verbs:

       |  +IDBM+--Db-+-VJb*i-+--VJr*i-+
       |  |    |     |       |        |
      we not only ate.v-d but.j-b drank.v-d 
This usage should probably be harmonized with the XJ constructions, into a more cherent approach to the overall problem.

See also the conjunction overview.

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