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AbiSource Ships AbiWord Preview Release 0.7

Ready-to-use versions available on CD-ROM, or via the Internet

CHAMPAIGN, IL -- Wednesday, May 19th, 1999 -- AbiSource, Inc. announced today the availability of version 0.7 of AbiWord, the company's Open Source word processor. AbiWord is designed for use on a variety of computing platforms, including Linux and Windows. This new release marks the first time that AbiWord is available on CD-ROM, in a form appropriate for end-users. AbiWord may also be downloaded from the company's website at www.abisource.com.

Ready To Use

Previously available only to software developers with special tools, AbiWord is now available as "compiled binaries" at www.abisource.com. For the convenience of users and developers, AbiSource also offers AbiWord on CD-ROM for $49.

The AbiWord Preview Release CD-ROM includes compiled versions of AbiWord 0.7 for all supported platforms, as well as complete source code for AbiWord.

For users of Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0, AbiWord is packaged in the form of an installer program which is very simple to use. Linux users may obtain AbiWord in a variety of forms, including packages customized for Red Hat Linux and Debian GNU/Linux. AbiWord is also available for other platforms, including Solaris 7.

Eric Sink, Founder and President of AbiSource, commented, "Although AbiWord is still under development, we're very pleased to now be making it accessible to end-users. For the first time, we've made it easy for any user to obtain a copy of AbiWord and get an early glimpse of what an exciting application this will be."

Preview Release

The version number of the current release, 0.7, reflects the fact that AbiWord is not yet considered a completed product. A number of features are still missing, and the application has not yet undergone extensive quality assurance testing. This version of AbiWord is a "Preview", and is being made available to ensure that end-users have the ability to watch the progress of its development by the community.

AbiWord is developed by a community of software programmers from all over the world, including employees of AbiSource, Inc. The program is freely available to anyone who wishes to use it, and may be copied and distributed freely under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Just as with Linux itself, AbiWord is owned by the community which developed it, and will always remain free for use by any individual or organizations that wishes to use it.

About AbiSource

AbiSource, Inc. is privately held, and was founded in January 1997. The AbiSource mission is to become the leading provider of Open Source, full-featured, professionally supported desktop applications.

For more information, see the AbiSource Web site at http://www.abisource.com or contact Scott Boesch at AbiSource, Inc., telephone: 217-356-0105 ext. 642; email: scott@abisource.com.

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