Re: question concerning fonts in abiword 2.0.2

From: busmanus (
Date: Thu Jan 15 2004 - 16:57:19 EST

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    Jack Dodds wrote:

    > I'm having a very frustrating time with fonts on my Debian Woody system,
    > which I have upgraded with a Gnome 2.2 backport that includes Abiword
    > 2.0.1.
    > Just for example, the font that is equivalent to Helvetica - I think it
    > is Nimbus Sans L - has a "condensed" variant. If you select Nimbus Sans
    > L, you get the condensed variant and there is no way in Abiword to
    > select the normal variant.

    I suppose, you checked the Format=>Font... menu point of AbiWord.

    > Browsing various newgroups, digging in Man pages, and reading Donovan
    > Rebechi's Font HOWTO has left me hopelessly confused. There does not
    > seem to be any comprehensive explanation anywhere of how the font system
    > works. There is documentation, often sketchy, on the individual pieces,
    > but nothing on how it all fits together.
    > Can anyone point me an the other recent posters to something helpful?

    It may not be the solution to your individual problem, but I think it's
    useful: look for a directory called etc/fonts (e.g. /etc/fonts or
    /usr/local/etc/fonts). The configuration files in there determine,
    what directories will be searched by fontconfig to find the fonts on
    the system, and also some other important font characteristics (A
    default build of Abiword 2.0.x should be using fontconfig to find
    fonts.). If you want to change anything, you can hack these files, but
    read the instuctions in the beginning of them first, if you find any.

    I don't recall the particular HOWTO you mentioned, but I am prone to
    think, that it deals with a pre-fontconfig state of affairs. Actually
    fontconfig and friends were written, so such HOWTOS would become
    superfluous under X.


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