Envelope printing is driving me crazy

From: Jonathan (j.e.drews_at_worldnet.att.net)
Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 00:21:27 EST

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    OS: FreeBSD 4.9
    Abiword 2.0.2


     I set up an envelope template as Martin described (in a previous post)
    and at first it would not print. I finally got it to print out after
    adjusting the print orientation. Now the normal Abiword docs will print
    out just fine without any tinkering.
     I really don't know where the problem might be. I see that when I
    create a new document I can select an envelope.awt. In page setup, I can
    select a size 10 envelope and set it to print as landscape. Finally,
    when I select print there is another selection, under the paper tab,
    that allows me to select Commercial 10. In addition there is a feed
    orientation combo box and another combo box to select either portrait or
    landscape. Three different settings; it's a little confusing. I found
    that if I set Monarch, in the printing tab, then Abiword would not
    print. I was confused about that because I thought monarch was that same
    as size 10, at first.

     I think Abiword is a really great Open Source project. However, these
    multiple configuration pathways may cause confusion for people. Think of
    temp workers who may have to use Abiword at client company. They may
    have no experience with this WP. Also these multiple features make it
    hard to track down and reproduce a bug. I think there should be one
    setting for a paper orientation that will suffice. Why is a page
    orientation needed in both print setup and page setup? If the word
    processor is WYSIWYG wouldn't you want it to print out just as it is
    displayed on the screen? I am just curious.

                            Kind regards,

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