implications of GPL'd StarOffice

Subject: implications of GPL'd StarOffice
From: James W. Lindenschmidt (
Date: Sun Jul 23 2000 - 12:25:58 CDT

Greetings, everyone.

I was wondering what, if any, implications there would be for AbiWord of
Sun's recent decision to GPL StarOffice.

As a paper-writing student end-user type, I have been using AbiWord for
short notes, and StarWriter for more advanced/longer papers. My only
qualm about StarOffice, until this week, was that it wasn't Free

Now, this has changed. Given that I think StarOffice 5.2 is fabulous,
and that they are working toward a GPL release with 6.0, frankly I am
finding fewer reasons to use AbiWord. It's not that I have anything
against AbiWord (quite the contrary), but being realistic, there's
currently no comparison between AbiWord and StarWriter. If they are both
GPL'd, why continue with AbiWord?

Do you think AbiWord will incorporate some of the OpenOffice code?

Just wondering...

James W. Lindenschmidt

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