From: Dom Lachowicz <>
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 16:19:54 CEST


As you folks may (or may not) know, the Gnome User And
Developer European Conference is coming up in about a
month ( This year it's being
held in Norway.

Usually, this is a great excuse for Abi devs to meet
up and socialize with other Abi/Gnome/KDE/OSS devs. In
our usual fashion, we'll have some money to spend on
this conference.

Currently, the Abi fund stands at about $2300 USD. Our
server situation seems to be settled at the moment,
and I don't forsee any other major expenses in our
immediate future. So I'm proposing that we spend some
of this money on our devs to learn and socialize with
our other devs.

I don't have an exact amount that I propose we spend.
It'll depend in part on who needs money and how much
each person needs.

So if you're planning to attend, but need a little
cash to help you out, reply to me off-list within 1
week (June 3, 2004). Be sure to include how much money
you'd like. Even if you've already told me, well,
please respond to this email still.

At that point, I'll email all of you and we'll discuss
our options.


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