Re: commit: Fix copy/paste rows in the same table.

From: E. A. Zen <>
Date: Mon May 24 2004 - 18:42:31 CEST

On 24/05/04 05:23:18, wrote:
> You're all gonna look pretty silly when I implement this feature in
> 2.3.
> Oh yea of little faith....

Can we hedge bets on this? Embeddability and Math aren't in 2.2, so, I
think 2.8 is realistic, but I'd be willing to say 2.6!

Let's see if you gots da balls, Sevior! What do you say to a US$50
donation to the AbiFund from the loser when 2.3 goes into feature

Yeah...I'll be watching you carefully every week when the branch I always do, but different!

You better stop smashing those gold might need them!

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