commit: Fix 6821 plus other things.

From: Martin Sevior <>
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 09:32:31 CEST

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CVS: wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_RTF.cpp
Fix 6821 - plus some other robustness fixes.

bug 6821 was a crash in the RTF exporter caused by a blobk of text too
long for UT_DEBUGMSG. The debugMSG was crashing us.

Also put in protection against an infinite loop in the RTF importer and
some robustness checks against using NULL pointers.

I ran across some nasty bug in document hisoty while attempting to write
up my GUADEC-5 paper.

These clearly need work. Tomas just try playing with lists with document
history on.


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