Re: commit: Fix copy/paste rows in the same table.

From: <>
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 16:28:42 CEST

>> PS. My next new feature, export tables to Gnumeric, will be a plugin so
>> that's OK too.
> Exporting tables to gnumeric == throwing XHTML to the clibboard, right?
> Why should that be a plugin ?

Actually my first idea would be to have a dedicated menu item in the table
menu and table context menu, "Export to Gnumeric" that translates our
table into gnumeric XML format and writes it toa file, then starts
Gnumeric with the table imported into gnumeric.

I've already written the code to translate a general GTK list view widget
to Gnumeric format, for my "MyBudget" personal finance program (which I'll
release one day). It's not hard to reuse that code.

Then I thought maybe I could write a AbiGnumeric plugin like AbiGimp that
exports XHTML to Gnumeric. As soon as the table is saved by gnumeric we
paste it back into AbiWord, so we'd have the ability to edit tables in
Gnumeric as needed. Unfortunately we'd lose all the functional
relationships between cells and other cool spreadsheet stuff this way.

So then the problem gets bigger again and really what do users want to
able to do with spreadsheets in Word Processors anyway?

Probabally not much more than what we offer with copy and paste already I

So I'm really just thinking aloud in this email.....



> Marc
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