Re: More multiple AWN release!

From: E. A. Zen <>
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 22:21:15 CEST

On 17/05/04 20:00:07, Marc Maurer wrote:
> Do you even proof read these AWN's ? Man, I found some serious
> errors in there, which are, like *huge*... For example, everyone
> knows that in AWN #196, "lucious" should be "luscious"*. I'm no
> longer interested in AWN's as they seem much to error-prone. **

To answer the honest question at the beginning: Not the past six.

The first two were the result of carelessness, the last four out of,
"GAH! IT TOOK TOO LONG! GET IT OUT NOW! BAH!" I couldn't come up
with a single word for that one.

> PS: ***

I get that; it's just nice to read it every once in awhile.

I've made corrections to the most luscious and desirable AWN yet ;o)


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