commit: Initial pasting of XHTML into AbiWord.

From: <>
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 04:46:12 CEST

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CVS: wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_XHTML.cpp wp/impexp/xp/ie_imp_XHTML.h
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Paste XHTML into AbiWord. Tested with Gnumeric, it works great!

Doesn't handle images yet. Also have to handle UID's properly.

This works by creating a dummy document, loading XHTML from the clipboard
into the document, then broadcasting this into ie_imp_PasteListener which
pastes into AbiWord.

We can use the same trick for every other file format we support. We can
also use this for lossless copy and paste with the *.abw format.

At this point I'm reluctant to do this coz I like the way getting
copy/paste forces us to have excellent RTF import/export.

Anyway, enjoy our new Feature :-)

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