Commit (STABLE): Re: commit (wv head): ms-ole.c

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Sat May 01 2004 - 15:02:52 EDT

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    Backport: stops 6724 from crashing; further work on cuases of crash
    needed (tomas)
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    CVS: ms-ole.c

    Op vr 30-04-2004, om 13:02 schreef Tomas Frydrych:
    > This fix stops doc 6724 from crashing AW and should be backported.
    > Howver, the bug at heart of 6724 is somewhere in our parsing of the
    > ole stream and remains -- the doc does not load (you get a passwrd
    > dialog). I am going to investigate this further next week.
    > file: ms-ole.c
    > Tomas

    Marc Maurer <>

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