State of escher support wv?

From: <>
Date: Thu Jul 29 2004 - 08:15:30 CEST

Hi everyone,
            I guess this is mostly directed at Dom but if anyone else
knows the answer (Fjf?, Tomas?) please chime in.

As you might have guessed I've trying implement positioned object import
from MS Word.

wv nicely gives us the fspa's I've been generating as tests. These are
getting imported and placed correctly by AbiWord. We also manage to
extract the text associated with the text boxes and appear to place the
text in the correct box.

However my attempts to extract other info from fspa's have not worked. I
was wondering if you know the state of this code wv? Are there working
examples correctly associating graphic data with fspa's? I know that Jody
and clahey have spent a lot of time working through the complexities of
the escher layer in MS Office data for Gnumeric and powerpoint. It is my
impression that a lot of this is shared with MS Word.

So can someone give me a state of play for escher in wv?

If we can get the graphic data from these we can position them in abiword
by setting them as the background images in frames. I would *really* like
to get positioned images from MSWord working for AbiWord-2.2.


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