commit: Lots of speed ups.

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Date: Tue Jul 27 2004 - 15:27:20 CEST

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LOts of speed ups. Especially for large tables.

Firstly we no longer re-layout twice for zoom to pagewidth.

Also found and eliminated a number of superflous table layouts during

Finally implmented a "doSimpleLayout" method for manipulations within a
single cell. This short-circuits the full gtk layout. Unfotuntely this
algorithim although very powerful and cabale of handling nested tables as
well as arbitarily spanned cells, has an n^2 dependence.

The simple layout just adjusts the height and ypositions of the cells
beneath the editting cell. This grows linearly in with number of cells.

In my tests with tables of around 3000 cells this new method performs
layouts in less than a 1 second as opposed to about 10 seconds for the gtk

For smaller tables like those in the RTF spec manipulations as now quite
acceptable on my laptop (1 Ghz).


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