Re: Is there any project going on related to HWP (Hancom) file format?

From: Mark Gilbert <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 2004 - 08:40:43 CEST

I guess I'll go ahead and reply since dom is asleep (:

On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 02:05, Jeongkyu Kim wrote:
> noticed it has been a while since the posting. However, I wonder if I
> could get any information about the file format. Also, I'd like to work
> on it with Abiword if it is not too late. :-)

To the best of my knowledge, the offer has not been retracted, although
whether or not two years has caused it to expire in a sense only bart,
his superiors, or possibly dom could tell you (or rather, find out). We
would certainly appreciate the help. AbiWord's hancom support is as
There is an hwp import/export plugin.
There is not an export component at all for said plugin.
There is an import component for said plugin.
There is (or is supposed to be) working basic simple plain text import.
There is not (afaict) support for importing anything more complicated
than that (yet - given the proper documentation, this is probably where
you'd come in, I guess). This includes (but is not limited to) charts,
tables, formulas, graphics, lists, templates, page layout aspects, and
even (I think) fonts and other text properties (color for example).

Again, be warned that I have not tested it, I may be mistaken about

So to sum up: It is not too late (-: There is lots of room for
improvement in abiword's hancom interoperability, and we would love to
have your help with it.
The code that is there (mainly biesi's, iirc) should be working, or at
least close to it.

On the subject of format documentation, I'll leave that to dom when he
wakes up, since I havent a bloody clue and he probably does.

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