commit: Fix getProperties(), some Revsion mark bugs.

From: <>
Date: Wed Jul 21 2004 - 04:51:40 CEST

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Fix getProperties insanity. Fix some other obvious revision mark bugs.

Previously the calling getProperties would overwrite a const
PP_PropertyType * pointer with a pointer of type const XML_Char *.

I have no idea why the author of this piece of code thought this would work.

The symptom was that any call to getProperties would return the correct
list of properties the first time. Subsequent calls would return rubbish
and was it had corrupted the property map data.

The main user of getProperties() was the revision mark code.

Now we actually build and cache an array of pointers to the properties.

In addition I fixed some other obvious bugs in Revision marks that jumped
out at me while testing this code.

It seems to work. uwog could you test this with your rv stuff?


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