Re: Abiword being removed from Debian/unstable?

From: Dom Lachowicz <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 23:08:34 CEST

I'm not sure if this is the reason or not, but please

For the record, I've recently acquired the AbiWord
trademarks and whatnot. I haven't had a chance to
update the TM information on the website.

To be expressly clear here for any Debian guys that
read this message:

Within reason, I don't care if you use "AbiWord" vs.
"AbiWord Personal." In fact, I'd prefer it if you used

Within reason, I don't care if you use the "official"
artwork or the "personal" artwork. In fact, I'd prefer
it if you used the "official" artwork.

I do begin to care if you use my trademarks to promote
other products, or in ways that disparage my
trademarks or products. If you "forked" AbiWord, you
couldn't use the trademarks. But you're clearly not
going to do that. The USPTO has more info and case law
on this sort of thing.

Debian and the other distros are clearly distributing
AbiWord, and providing a beneficial service to the
community. Even though Debian's version might have a
few patches against our "mainline" branch, I don't
believe it constitutes a "fork." As such, I think that
it is fine (if not preferable) for you guys to use the
official name and artwork in your distribution.

So, you have my blessing to call your AbiWord +
patches "AbiWord". You can use the official artwork


--- Andy Korvemaker
<> wrote:
> I was checking whether a new version of Abiword was
> available in
> Unstable and decided to see what was holding the
> current Unstable
> version from moving into Testing (at
> Clicking on the "Check why" link for why it's not
> there, it looks like
> Abiword is scheduled for removal from Sid. See
> I'm not a Debian developer at all, so I'm not sure
> if this is a "common"
> occurence. But as a (relatively inexperienced) user
> it sounds like
> Abiword is being pulled for some reason. (I don't
> know how to find out
> what that reason is.)
> andy
> --
> Andy Korvemaker

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