commit: No more crash bugs in "My Bugs" list.

From: <>
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 16:27:21 CEST

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CVS: text/fmt/xp/fv_View.cpp text/fmt/xp/fv_View_cmd.cpp
CVS: text/fmt/xp/fv_View_protected.cpp wp/ap/xp/ap_EditMethods.cpp
CVS: wp/ap/xp/ap_LeftRuler.cpp wp/ap/xp/ap_TopRuler.cpp
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Fix 6631 crash inserted a TOC into a styled list.
Fix 7006 crash Crash when inserting header after closing format table
dialog wi\th nested table selected.

These along with my other commits, seem to have fixed the remaining crash
bugs in my "MyBugs" list.

Hoo Raayyy!

(Se how long that lasts!)


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