Commit (HEAD): MSVC71 project file fixes/cleanup.

From: Mikey Cooper <>
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 04:25:07 CEST

Updates to MSVC71 project files. Added gr_Win32Uniscribe.h, disabled optimizations in debug, don't generate debug symbols for release. Also some build speedups, clean build of debug takes about 14 minutes for me now, release 10 minutes (compared to 20 and 17 previously).
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CVS: MSVC71/AbiEv.vcproj MSVC71/AbiFmt.vcproj MSVC71/AbiGr.vcproj
CVS: MSVC71/AbiImpExp.vcproj MSVC71/AbiPTbl.vcproj
CVS: MSVC71/AbiSpell.vcproj MSVC71/AbiUtil.vcproj
CVS: MSVC71/AbiWPAp.vcproj MSVC71/AbiWord.vcproj
CVS: MSVC71/AbiWordVer.vcproj MSVC71/AbiXap.vcproj
CVS: MSVC71/expat.vcproj MSVC71/fribidi.vcproj
CVS: MSVC71/libiconv.vcproj MSVC71/libpng.vcproj
CVS: MSVC71/libpsiconv.vcproj MSVC71/popt.vcproj
CVS: MSVC71/tools_cdump.vcproj MSVC71/wv.vcproj MSVC71/zlib.vcproj
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