Re: 2.1.3 uploaded

From: James Ogley <>
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 10:02:25 CEST


Sorry I've not replied sooner been at a conference the last few days
without net access (!!!!)

> The SPEC file has a typo in the in the dependency. You ask for gtk-2.4.2
> as a dependency. I'm sure this is wrong. I believe it should be gtk-2.2.4.

That's because I built it against 2.4.2, and that's what's provided on
my site. I'd noticed that with various packages, even if they didn't
utilise the new aspects of 2.4, if they were built with it, then run
with 2.2, there could be problems (when I first uploaded 9.1 packages
built with 2.4, but without the explicit dep, I got bombarded by mails
reporting problems where people had not upgraded gtk)

If this isn't the case with Abi, and gtk-2.4 built packages will work
fine with a gtk-2.2 system (which is what's provided by default in SuSE
9.1), I'll remove the dep.

> Also could you also please build the AbiCommand plugin for SUSE? The
> beagle author is interested in using AbiWord to index users desktop files.
> For this to work he needs AbiCommand.

Sure, surprised I hadn't, obviously an oversight.

> (It's really cool stuff just demo'd here.)


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