Re: Translating Abiword to Lingala

From: Marc Maurer (
Date: Sat Jan 31 2004 - 18:31:51 EST

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    Hi Ingo!

    > I followed the instructions on the webpage, downloaded the cvs-tree and
    > have now a li-CD.po (Lingala in Congo-Kinshasa). Some questions arise:

    Great, 1st of all stick the the .po files, and never translate a
    .strings file (a translation file that abiword uses) directly :)

    > 1. Is it possible to test if we are doing it right with just a part of the
    > file already translated?

    In the po directory, run
      ./ li-CD

    that will generate a .strings file that abiword can use. If you
    compiled abiword from source, a simple "make install" in the ./abi
    directory will install the translation in the correct place. Otherwise,
    you'll have to manually install the translation file, which would go
    something like this:

    look in the ./abi/user/wp/strings/ directory, and copy the file
    "li-CD.strings" to (usually) /usr/share/AbiSuite-2.0/AbiWord/strings/

    That should do the trick. On windows the file should be in something
    like c:\progra~1\AbiSuite2\AbiWord\strings

    > 2. It would be much easyer, if the msgid would be in French and not
    > English - is this possible?

    Nope, sorry

    > 3. Is there a way to start with the most important parts (Menu-entries
    > f.e.) and leave other, more not so often used dialogs for later? How can I
    > identify f.e. the Menus and Submenues?

    look at your .po file. Strings that start with "MENU_LABEL_foo" are used
    for menu items. Items that start with "TOOLBAR_STATUSLINE_foo" are
    messages shown in the status bar when moving over menuitems. Items that
    start with "TOOLBAR_TOOLTIP_foo" are tooltip messages that appear when
    hovering over toolbar items.
    I would suggest that you start translating those first :)

    Hope this helps a bit,
      Marc Maurer

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