Re: We're removed from FC2 ?

From: E. A. Zen (
Date: Wed Jan 28 2004 - 17:50:51 EST

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    On 01/28/04 14:14:27, Hubert Figuiere wrote:
    > I can take a flight and join the force.
    > /me still wondering why people don't like AbiWord...

    Actually, I've had this to say before Rui brought it up. I was talking
    to someone about a very strong feeling that is being
    pushed by several distribution maintainers. I emphasise the "push." I
    have found little useful about compared to its size and
    resource requirments. It doesn't even feel as intuitive as AbiWord.
    For that matter, all of GNOME Office is far more intuitive in the
    standard functions, sans AbiShow/Criawips. In reality, I would rather
    use KPresenter than the StarOffice/ equivelant (which I
    don't even know, but I do know its an odd, quirky li'l name).

    I think GNOME Office needs to make more noise and get more face time
    within the next year, or I might not have anything about the users to
    add to the AWN when GOffice goes 1.2/2.0. Maybe a /. interview could
    be arranged or something?


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