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From: Raphael Finkel (
Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 11:13:00 EST

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    The scripts in the po/ directory are for generating/updating .po files from the
    .h files elsewhere in the Abi source and then building strings file from
    them. In particular: --pot

            Builds abiword.pot, which you can rename to zz-ZZ.po for
            language zz-ZZ. The sources for this file are ap_String_Id.h
            and xap_String_Id.h in the source tree. zz-ZZ

            Converts zz-ZZ.po and writes user/wp/strings/zz-ZZ.strings.
            These strings are immediately usable; you don't have to
            recompile AbiWord, if you copy them to
            $prefix/AbiSuite-2.0/AbiWord/strings/zz-ZZ.strings . zz-ZZ

            Updates zz-ZZ.po based on any new strings that have cropped up
            in ap_String_Id.h and xap_String_Id.h since you last translated.

    My script is different; it builds zz-ZZ.po based on
    zz-ZZ.strings. I would urge translators *not* to modify zz-ZZ.strings
    directly, but to use the .po form and build the .strings form on need.
    Advantages: (a) You can easily keep up with new strings added to
    AbiWord over time, (b) You can easily find which zz-ZZ strings you
    haven't done yet, (c) In the cases where the same English string occurs
    in multiple instances, you don't need to introduce your zz-ZZ
    translation for each instance.



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    Nice scripts made by Kenneth exist in our tree.

    Now you could probably help them get better!
    They're in the po/ directory.

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