commit (HEAD): UUID work; platform code needed

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sat Jan 24 2004 - 11:47:23 EST

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    I have eventually got to finishing the UT_UUID class; this will cause
    some platform breakage; what needs to be done is outlined below. To
    generate UUID, you do

    UT_UUID * pU = XAP_App::getApp()->getUUIDGenerator()->createUUID();

    The following is required to fix platform code:

    have to link against netapi32.lib, snmpapi.lib and ws2_32.lib; if
    someone who uses the standard MSVC project files could add those and
    commit, it would be appreciated.

    Need to debug and turn on implementation of UT_getEthernetAddress()
    in ut_unixMisc.cpp.

    Other platforms
    Need to provide implementaiton of UT_getEthernetAddress() and
    UT_gettimeofday() in UT_*Misc.cpp

    In addition to these required changes, the following might be
    desirable on all platforms (except win32):

    Provide derived class UT_*UUID that uses a better source of
    randomness than UT_rand() in _getRandomBytes(); if you do so, you
    need to also define UT_*UUIDGenerator and change the call in XAP_*App
    constructor from

        _setUUIDGenerator(new UT_UUIDGenerator());


            _setUUIDGenerator(new UT_*UUIDGenerator());

    Looking at ut_Win32Uuid.h/cpp should give you good enough idea.

    files: xap_App.h/cpp, xap_*App.cpp, ut_uuid.h/cpp,
    ut_Win32Uuid.h/cpp, ut_Win32Misc.cpp, ut_unixMisc.cpp,
    pd_Document.h/cpp, ie_imp/exp_AbiWord_1.cpp


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