Re: Linux User Expo London; more info

Date: Thu Jan 22 2004 - 06:37:17 EST

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    > Some more information on the event can be found at
    > particularly worth looking at is
    > per_Expo.pdf
    > This really looks like an event that could give us good exposure. I am
    > going to talk to my boss on Monday trying to get time off for both days,
    > but it is likely I will only be able to get there for the second day.

    Hi Tomas,
             As Dom has already said, I have no problem with you using the
    AbiFund to attend this meeting. I would done something similar to
    attend but unfortunately family commitments
    prevented me attending. (Which was a real pity coz Linus and many
    other notables were very interested in the GNOME session where I
    would have made presentations with Havoc and Keith Packard :-().

    Anyway, maybe it's worthwhile trying to meet up with a Gnumeric hacker and
    doing a bit of GNOME Office PR as well? Dave Malcom who hacks on
    Conglomerate might be there (he lives in Cambridge).



    > Tomas

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