Going for the general solution? (was: Re: turning bidi off)

From: Omer Zak (omerz_at_actcom.co.il)
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 05:53:18 EST

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    On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 tomasfrydrych_at_yahoo.co.uk wrote:

    > On 20 Jan 2004 at 17:04, Omer Zak wrote:
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    > > On Tue, 20 Jan 2004 msevior_at_physics.unimelb.edu.au wrote:
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    > > > >> Can we optionally turn off BIDI on a document-by-document
    > > > >> basis?I have a multilingual text that I absolutely need to see in
    > >> >> logical (as LTR), not visual, order.
    > <snip/>
    > > This may be problematic in Win32, where the native BiDi algorithm is
    > > forced down the user's throat.
    > We use Fribidi on all platforms, including win32.
    > Basically what is needed is to add third value to the document level
    > dom-dir property called "logical" and propagete it down into fp_Run
    > and fp_Line. That in itself is just a few lines of code. We also will need
    > some interface (I hate designing dialogs).
    > One question for Raphael, though: when you say logical, would you
    > expect the logical sequence to be laid out from left to right, or would it
    > be preferrable to have two options 'logical-ltr' and 'logical-rtl', so that
    > the user could chose to have the text drawn either way (I imagine a
    > predominantly Hebrew text, for example, might be easier to work with if
    > the logical sequence is laid out from right to left).

    Let's go for the general solution:
    When displaying a document, it can be displayed so that it'll look like
    its printout; in one of several outlining modes; paragraph marks (and
    other proofmarks) can be turned on/off; turn on/off hidden text and
    revision marks; etc.
    I suggest that the BiDi/logical-LTR/logical-RTL be added as another option
    to this framework. And if we are at it, why not add an option to call
    user's plugin which will specify how to lay out the text for special
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