Braille plug-in

From: Miguel Canteras (
Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 13:04:56 EST

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    I want to make a plug-in for AbiWord to convert text files to Braille
    language. It's the first time I'm playing with the AbiWord code.

    I have try to make the conversion in FV_View, but is too slow. Now I'm
    trying to save first the file to a txt file, and do all the
    transformations directly in the file. After that, you can reload the new
    file in AbiWord. But I have a problem. Anybody can tell me where are
    defined the file types that the cmdSaveAs function use as second
    parameter (int ieft)? And how exactly works the function?

    And if anybody knows a better place to make that, all ideas are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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