Re: turning bidi off

Date: Tue Jan 20 2004 - 07:12:25 EST

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    >> After all the work people have put into getting BIDI working, this
    >> request will seem strange. Can we optionally turn off BIDI on a
    >> document-by-document basis? I have a multilingual text that I
    >> absolutely need to see in logical (as LTR), not visual, order.
    > Yes, we could do this, I can see the usefulness, but it will involve quite
    > a bit of work; unfortunately I am rather busy at work at the moment, so
    > it will not be any time soon. I will put it on my TODO list.

    As a simple hack, have you tried just marking the text as English? I know
    the spellcheck won't work but you might see the document in LTR.


    > Tomas

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