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Date: Mon Jan 19 2004 - 02:40:18 EST

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    > wrote:
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    >> 3. Implement Outline "mode".
    > <SNIP>
    >> For 3. I plan to have a single extra button on the format List dialog.
    >> The
    >> button will say "hide/reveal". The user presses it and if the list is
    >> not
    >> hidden all the blocks between the thos in the list will be hidden.
    >> Pressing "reveal" will reveal it again. I will use Tomas's hidden text
    >> code.
    > I don't know if you read that document I sent you from my new company
    > email address about AbiShow, but if this outline function could have a
    > variety of nesting bullet styles, that would be extremely boss.
    > Additionally, it could reduce the barrier to an initial AbiShow build,
    > since that's mainly what most people use PowerPoint for: showing outlines.

    Hi Ryan,
            Yes I got your email. We already do nested tables. You can
    increase nesting levels with "tab". I didn't implement "shift tab"
    to decrease nested list levels but it is not hard to do this. You
    can also do all this with the bullets and numbering dialog. It's
    non-modal so you can keep it active while you type and
    interatively change things.

    Right now increasing a nest on a bullet item doesn't change the type of
    bullet item but I will change that.

    > Additionally, if you could make it so that tab and shift tab could
    > increase/decrease current item's level in the outline, that would be
    > very good as well.

    Tab increases nesting, but I have implemented "shift tab" to decrease.
    This is no problem though.
    I hate this word "outline" that MS invented. Lists are lists. There is
    definately no need for the stupid "outline" mode they invented either.

    I personally believe that AbiShow would be easy to develop. I also think
    that many other types of programs would be easy to develop fromthe abiword
    code base. Unfortunately I only have one of me and if I work on abishow I
    can't work on AbiWord.

    > Just a few suggestions.

    Thanks Ryan, Especially about shift tab to decrease nest and automatically
    changing the bullet type on changing nesting levels.



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