My development plans.

Date: Sun Jan 18 2004 - 22:39:34 EST

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    Hi Folks,
             After struggling for weeks on getting nested tables to break
    across pages I'm now going to concenrtrate on easier, more user
    visible features.

    So my plans are:

    1. Complete the XP and Unix parts of the Sylist dialog.
    2. Implement Table Of Contents.
    3. Implement Outline "mode".

    For 1. the idea is to have a tree view expandable to one level of hiding.

    I plan to have styles grouping of:
    a. List Styles
    b. Heading Styles.
    c. User defined styles.
    d. all the others.

    For 3. I plan to have a single extra button on the format List dialog. The
    button will say "hide/reveal". The user presses it and if the list is not
    hidden all the blocks between the thos in the list will be hidden.
    Pressing "reveal" will reveal it again. I will use Tomas's hidden text



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