Re: ATN: libwpd 0.7.0 released

From: Kenneth J. Davis (
Date: Sat Jan 17 2004 - 09:21:42 EST

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    >libwpd 0.7.0 released
    >Furthermore, build systems for MingW and Microsoft Visual
    >Studio are now available, adding Microsoft Windows to the list of
    >supported platforms. ...

    within contained README:
    "NOTE: Packages built with MSVC7 are not usable because they are linked
    with MSVCRT70.DLL that is not by default part of Windows. Packages build
    with MSVC5 or MSVC6 are -- like the MinGW natively compiled packages --
    linked with MSVCRT.DLL and thus are usable."

    *** I have no intention of discussing the matter further, please do not
    respond to this thread regarding my message. ***

    Because of the above statement, and a similar one found in gettext, I will
    not be providing any builds of the Word Perfect plugin, nor any plugins
    that indirectly depend on gettext (i.e. the Open Office importers / gsf /
    glib based plugins). [To be fair, I actually will not be supporting nor
    providing builds for any GPL'd program including such statements.] I
    disagree with this interpretation of the GPL, as such an interpretation in
    my mind actually implies building with any version of MSVC to be in

    [I consider (within reasonable limits) the compiler used to be a major
    component _of_ (not with) the OS, and as such both its unmodified runtime
    and startup code fall under the exemption clause in the GPL. If this is
    not the case, then any GPL'd program without an explicit exemption
    (including for all GPL'd libraries used by the program) that is linked
    against a compiler's startup code and runtime, where such code is not
    available for distribution under terms compatible with the GPL to be in
    violation of the GPL and/or the compiler's license.]

    I have no intention of violating the GPL, so if necessary, all MSVC builds
    will be discontinued by myself and removed from my site, should they also
    be found in violation of the GPL. [I already make available all the source
    that I legally can, i.e. everything except those parts included with the
    compiler.] Until I get a chance to update my build system, I am simply
    disabling my tinderbox client, its automatic uploads, and

    Because I refuse to provide builds for the mentioned plugins, I will understand if
    another developer is chosen to make release builds for Windows, given plugins
    are still likely to be highly bound to a given release build. I will however,
    continue to provide builds that lack the given components until shown doing
    so to be a violation of either the GPL or the AbiWord developers' intentions.

    Kenneth J. Davis

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