Re: [PATCH] Fix bug 5880 - very slow in setting language on entire document

From: Jordi Mas (
Date: Sat Jan 17 2004 - 05:39:02 EST

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    > Hi Jonny,
    > This is great work! From looking at the patch it appears to do
    > exactly what is needed (by defering the notifications and redraws
    > until the end of the span change). I'll apply it and run it
    > through some tests later
    > today.
    > If it all works we can look at applying it to similar situations (like
    > pasting, changing lists)

    Is safe enought to include it in 2.0.3? It's an important problem for
    international users.

    Thanks Jonny and Martin,


    Jordi Mas i Hernāndez (homepage

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