Re: 2.0.3 in 36 hours.

Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 05:50:28 EST

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    > Op di 13-01-2004, om 02:05 schreef
    >> Hi Folks,
    >> There is broad agreement that 2.0.3 should be released soon. I
    >> have some time in about 36 hours now when I can do this (that
    >> would be Wednesday evening in Melbourne, Wednesday Morning in
    >> Western Europe.)
    > which year? :D

    Sorry all,
              It urned out that I didn;t have access to my hish speed pipe
    when I thought I would. I won't be able to tag it for another
    couple of weeks at least. If someone else tags 2.0.3 I can do
    release notes and pester people to make binary build etc.

    On a different note, could one of our intrepid string checkers have a look
    at the Arabic translation and check it in of it's OK?



    > Marc

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