Re: Linux User & Developer Expo 2004 in London

From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Mon Jan 12 2004 - 12:31:47 EST

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    > Subject: Linux User & Developer Expo 2004 in London
    > Hi guys,
    > just got the following offer to represent AW on Linux User & Developer
    > Expo 2004 in London in Oct. I am not sure this far in advance I will be
    > able to get time for this as it is mid week, but the opportunity should not
    > be missed.

    With this much notice and the ease with which I can get cheap flights to
    London I very much intend to go, especially as it might be difficult for
    me to be able to afford the money and time (if I can get a summer job) to
    go to GUADEC in Norway. I should be able to get my parents to make it my
    birthday present.

    As I'm only an Abiword developer in the loosest most generous
    understanding of that term I wouldn't want to give the talk (I'm confident
    I could fake it though) but I'd certainly like to meet Abi' people and
    lend my moral support.


    Alan Horkan

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