Re: Commit: fix unix build

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sun Jan 11 2004 - 13:25:48 EST

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    > The profile that use under Windows NT reports that
    > we leak like the Titanic in
    > setlocale calls. It seems that setlocale allocates
    > the string that returns and
    > it has to be free'd in some situations. I have not
    > found this in the setlocale
    > documentation and I have not investaged this any
    > deeper. We use setlocale
    > continually when doing the dimension conversion at
    > ut_units.cpp.

    From the setlocale documentation:

           The return type ought to be const char *, but
    is char * to avoid warn‐
           ings in C code predating ANSI C.

    If MSFT requires this to be free()'d then they're in
    the wrong. Fortunately, I've written a
    UT_LocaleTransactor class that I'll make all of our
    code use. If we need to do something like free() the
    returned strings for MSFT, we can fix it in one place.

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