commit (HEAD): html exporter

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sat Jan 10 2004 - 09:00:57 EST

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    Couple more html exporter options:

    1. 'class-only' option which suppresses explicit properties for
    blocks and spans that have a style attribute, so that insead of

       <p class="heading_1" style="...">

    we can get

      <p class="heading_1">

    This is necessary to be able to control formating from within an
    external stylesheet, since the css 'style' attribute has precedence
    over the 'class' definition.


      abiword -t html -e "class-only:yes" mydocument.abw

    but most likely in combination with link-css:

       abiword -t html -e "link-css:mystyle.css;class-only:yes" mydoc.abw

    2. 'title' option to specify content of the <title></title>; usage:

      abiword -t html -e "title:mytitle" mydocument.abw

    mytitle can contain some special tokens:
       %F gets replaced by the full file name
       %f gets replaced by the base name
       %n gets replaced by the base name without any extension

    I also made style recognition case insensitive, i.e., 'heading 1' ==
    'Heading 1'.

    added lowerCase() function to UTF8String class.

    files: ie_exp_html.h/cpp, xap_Dlg_HTMLOptions.h/cpp,
    ut_string_class.h/cpp, ut_stringbuf.h/cpp


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