Re: Question about dialog code

From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 15:12:15 EST

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    > Two more questions,
    > First, which is a good example dialog box in abiword
    > that I could look at to get an idea of how these
    > dialog boxes are usually done?

    > Second, what do you mean by your last sentence:
    > > I personally advocate using the
    > > Gnome build and the GnomePrintDialog.
    > What are these? Where do I find them?

    GnomePrint is the Gnome printing architecture. If you
    configure AbiWord with --enable-gnome (and you have
    all the necessary Gnome stuff installed), you will use
    GnomePrint to do all of your printing, including the
    GnomePrint dialog and GnomePrintPreview dialog.


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