Abiword w/o Gnome impossible?

From: Ingo Lantschner (ingo.lists_at_vum.at)
Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 06:02:37 EST

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    Hi all,

    I subscribed a few weeks ago, because there are some plans on localizing
    Abiword to Lingala, a language originating from the Congo-river and
    nowadays spreading all over Africa because of some famous congolesian
    muscians. Abiword was our choice because of its small ressource neeeds,
    since we have lots of schools in Kinshasa to equipe, and the computers are
    some Pentium I with sometimes only 16 MB of RAM / 800 MB HD. We found that
    "The Rule Project" (http://www.rule-project.org/) did some very valuable
    work and provided a installscript for RedHat9 which installed a
    minimal Linux on such machines. Also Abiword 1.4 installed fine, and since
    3 month, some thousands of Congolesiean pupils learn textprocessing with
    AbiWord 1.4.

    In the course of time we realizzed that this version is a bit buggy and
    when I saw, that there is already a version 2 I canceled any efforts to
    find these bugs because we should use up to date software.

    Installing the Abiword 2 rpm on top of Redhat9/TinyX/iceWM unfortunatly
    forced me to to install 40 MB of mostly Gnome-rpms. In the end only
    nautilus was missing, which I did NOT install, because it opened up an
    other dependency-hell.

    My question: Is there any way to install a lean Abiword 2, so that we can
    really make use of its small memory- and harddisk footprint?

    Thanks for any comments and hints, Ingo.

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