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From: Alan Horkan (
Date: Fri Jan 02 2004 - 07:42:19 EST

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    On Thu, 1 Jan 2004, Ryan Pavlik wrote:

    > Date: Thu, 01 Jan 2004 21:30:39 -0600
    > From: Ryan Pavlik <>
    > To: AbiWord Developers <>
    > Subject: ScreenShots
    > I was just looking at the AbiWord web site in depth, in response to the
    > message about the NY Times article. (I was unaware that

    stupid NY Times registration ...

    we have always used rather than although has almost always worked.

    > worked as well as!) I looked at the screen shots page and
    > I noticed that the built in spell checker was shown as choking on the
    > word AbiWord as well as other things. I know that Alan was doing
    > something with the release notes concerning this, but I think that

    I rephrased the release notes so to avoid many but not all of the
    mispellings. I think you will find that of the following three: Abiword;
    AbiWord; Abiword's; only the third is marked by Abiword as mispelled.

    If Abiword could ignore words marked as Trademarks it would help too

    There are still problems with spellchecking or URI's, I have the option
    box checked to 'ignore spelling of internet and file addresses' but it is
    not working properly and asks if the 'www' part of the URL is correctly
    spelled. Perhaps this is just a problem with the windows front end? I
    cannot see an open bug report for it so if someone can confirm this
    problem it would be a big help.

    > perhaps the screen shots on the web page should be updated so it doesn't
    > look un-professional. I'm just worried we'd turn people off when they
    > see that the spell checker doesn't recognize the name of the software
    > program that it's in.

    Please do submit new screenshots!

    For best results when making screenshots in Windows I recommend turning of
    the colour gradient in the windo titlebar and reducing the number of
    colours in your images (to as little as 256 usually looks fine and you can
    sometimes get away with even as few as 16 colours). Be sure to save as
    PNG format, JPEGs are terrible for screenshots containing text
    (virtually all screenshots) and you should only use JPEG for screenshots
    if the screenshot contains a photo or video image and the PNG would
    be too large.

    If using Gnome I vaguely recall that the Crux theme is recommended for
    Gnome Documentation, it is not essential but I think it is better to
    keep things consistant.

    > On an entirely different topic, I believe I sent Marc a whole pile of
    > screenshots I took of every dialog in Stable on Win32 (XP). As far as I
    > know, they're not in the tree. Does anyone want these? Does anyone
    > want me to get shots of all the dialogs in HEAD in Win32? If so, please
    > let me know, it makes me feel like I'm doing something to help.
    > In any case, that's about it, and thanks for making AbiWord rule!

    Thanks for helping.


    Alan Horkan

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