commit (HEAD): bidi refactoring

From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Fri Feb 20 2004 - 15:43:11 EST

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    more of the bidi refactoring; fp_TextRun is now completely free of
    references to the various text caches associated with the built-in

    Next I am going to shift all the justification code in fp_TextRun
    into some virtuals in the graphics class; this will allow us to
    implement proper script-dependent justification through the external
    shaper. Similar fate awaits fp_TextRun::canBreakAfter/Before().

    Extracted the new shaping related classes from gr_Graphics.h/cpp into
    gr_RenderInfo.h/cpp. The makefiles are modified, but (as usual) not
    the MSVC project files.

    Fixed inconsistency in the GR_Graphics::drawChars() API: the given
    offset only applied to the characters but not advances, now it
    applies to both; fixed in various gr_*Graphics files I could think


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